Welcome to The (New) Star Prophet!

My name is Kim Kennedy, and I've been making my global predictions and forecasts for over 15 years now. It all began with my original "blog" way back in 2001 called "The Sixth Search."  A producer in Hollywood found me through that website, and I was subsequently recruited as a featured psychic on a VH1 show pilot called "Rockstrology."  While the pilot outperformed in its time slot, (and all of my celebrity predictions came true!) it fell through the cracks and life went on.

Since then, I launched two magazines distributed in print with the second one being The Star Prophet.  After a great start, the publication hit a major obstacle with the housing crash of 2008, and I set the project aside for several years, despite developing distribution deals with two major newspaper distributors in Boston and New York.

I've watched as all of my predictions, and those of the magazine's fine contributors, have unfolded as foretold.  Now, as global events accelerate towards a potentially catastrophic conclusion, I feel that the time is right to get back in to the predictions business, and have thus re-launched the publication in digital form.

The goal of the magazine is to provide readers with an insight into global events that no one else is or can provide in quite the same way.  Another goal is to get our readers to begin thinking outside of the "lamestream" media mental box that we are constantly forced in to, whether we're aware of it or not.  Finally, in upcoming issues, we will be providing simple exercises so that you too can unplug your brain from the collective mindset and make your own personal, financial and social predictions!

So, enjoy this issue and upcoming issues of The Star Prophet, and be sure to subscribe today.

Kim Kennedy, Editor