Q Anon Confirms Prediction that Epic False Flag was Planned by Deep State

During the 2016 election cycle, it seemed as if Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton had the presidency “in the bag”.  Every major poll predicted that she would win by an landslide, but at the very last minute, former FBI Director James Comey held a press conference to announce that he was re-opening the investigation into her use of her private server.  As a result, Donald J. Trump, surprised everyone and won the electoral vote race, and the election. He is now our president.

To this day, many wonder what in the world changed corrupt Comey’s mind.  He had already cleared Clinton…even before the investigation into her affairs began.  Was it divine intervention?

In my recent video warning that an “Epic False Flag” was in the works for May and June of this year, I had warned of a plot to trick the Russians in to attacking the United States.  As a matter of fact, I began seeing this vision prior to 2014. You can even see this prediction on this blog  in several places, beginning with the first post dated in 2014.

In particular, I saw that there would be two nuclear missiles fired out of the Middle East at Russia, an attack designed to trick the Russians in to launching a nuclear missile at the United States.  The result, I believed, would be utter devastation of NYC and much of the Northeastern United States.  It would plunge America in to a great depression, making it ripe for a foreign takeover by globalist entities.

Here we are…it’s July 4th and there has been no attack…thank GOD and thank COMEY (but I’ll get back to Comey in a minute).

I have learned not to ignore the information that I get from the Akashic Records, because it is typically validated in some way, shape or form.  In this case, Q Anon confirmed, in his posts in March and April, that such a plot to initiate World War 3 with Russia was in play, much in the same way that I had outlined in my predictions.

If you don’t know by now, Q Anon, or “Q” for short, has been releasing inside information to the public for some time now, all in a somewhat cryptic fashion designed to promote awareness and compel curious followers to research and interpret the information. Many believe that Q is one or more individuals in military intelligence who are Trump loyalists, and true American heros.  Some believe that Q is President Trump himself. I personally believe that Q is completely legitimate, and is a fairly high ranking person in the intelligence community who may have 3 key assistants.

One of Q’s followers is Dr. Michael Salla, who produced the image that I’m using as my thumbnail for this recording, so thank you Dr. Salla. I encourage you to follow the link below to his full article on Q’s March and April 2018 posts wherein he reveals the Deep State’s plot to build nuclear weapons facilities in Syria in an effort to create an epic false flag nuclear attack on the United States.  The goal, according to Q, was to frame Russia and precipitate World War 3.  Sound familiar?

So, why are the Q revelation and my original predictions so important to note.

First, we should know that there are those in the United States and around the world who seek to cripple the United States in order to steal our wealth and enslave us, and will do anything to make it happen.  The Obama administration, the Clintons and others are all part of this group.  Every government beaurocrat who goes along with them just to keep their jobs, are part of the problem, too.

On a more ethereal level, Albert Einstein theorized that time exists in many different forms, one of them being in parallel dimensions. This leads me to wonder whether we have just experienced some sort of split in time, where some of us are living in a cold, dark world under a Hillary Clinton presidency.  The lucky ones…us…are living in a far better reality under President Trump wherein loyal Americans, some true American heros, and the hand of God, have steered us away from harm.

Looking forward into the rest of 2018, America is somewhat safe from harm, but in early 2019, we will see, or at least hear of 2-3 false flag events attempted in rapid succession beginning around the February timeframe, if not a little earlier.  This clamp down on the nefarious activities of the deep state clears the way for better times from 2020-2023, and we may even see a debt jubilee by 2023, as predicted by Nostradamus himself!

Now, with regards to James Comey, you may recall my short video, the one with the horse picture in the thumbnail, where I claimed that Comey was not intending to harm President Trump.  Considering all the evidence in the recent Inspector General’s report, this might sound far fetched, but think about it.  Why did Rod Rosenstein recommend that President Trump fire Comey if he was such a loyal deep-stater?  Was it because Rosenstien realized that Comey had a change of heart, and was preparing to board the Trump Train?

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