IVANKA TRUMP: President 2028? Psychic Predictions for the First Woman President

Forget Oprah Winfrey! It appears as if the United States may have to wait a few more years for its first female president, and it will most likely be Ivanka Trump, the oldest daughter of current President Donald J. Trump.

It is clear that the Deep State is gunning for the
impeachment of President Trump, using a strategy
many have called "death by a thousand cuts."  All
this despite sweeping tax reforms which have and
will continue to turn the economy of the United
States around, towards a complete renaissance
by the year 2023!
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," when it
comes to the Trump family.  Don't be surprised
to see Ivanka Trump take on the presidency
for two whole terms in 2028!

Trump is everything that he claims to be, and is
truly working on behalf of the average American. He is a genius (and, a "stable" one at that) and so are each and everyone one of his children.  He is by no means a narcissist, and does not deserve the harsh treatment which could lead to an unfair (outrageous!) impeachment, or worse, death before the end of his second term.

If such events were to unfold, expect
at least 7 years of chaos following the Deep State's take-down of Trump.  Once they do, don't be surprised to see the far left regain control of the presidency in 2024, which would most certainly undo much of Trump's hard work, jeopardizing the future of America, once again.

But, never fear. The Trump family is loaded with children who share their father's great intelligence and passion for America.  Don't be surprised to see Ivanka step forward in a big way, beginning in 2024, with the end goal being to avenge her beloved father.

And, so she will!  Ivanka has been tailor made to be President of the United States and will certainly do so with little or no controversy, at least compared to her father's time in office.  Don't expect her to be anyone's puppet, but instead, she will surround herself with advisors that she can trust.

Despite growing up wealthy, Ivanka does understand that standing behind the American family is the best place to be, and it will serve her well in the future.

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