Charlottesville, Virginia Truth: First Hand Video Outlines Series of Events

You might recall that I warned readers of this blog (and my Youtube video watchers) that the events that unfolded in the Ukraine, beginning with the November 2013 protests in Maidan, could happen right here in the United States.  After all, it was American Neocons, led by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Former President Obama and John McCain (and "friends"), championing the causes of multinational corporations like Monsanto and Chevron, who funneled millions (if not BILLIONS) of taxpayer dollars to neo-Nazis in that country.

And now, we can see this prediction unfolding with the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The lamestream media has blamed violence that led to the death of one woman on White Nationalists who attempted to legally organize a protest in that town.  In the following video, we can see how the city and state police, and even the National Guard, conspired to instigate the violence that occurred.

Check it out:

Who is behind the curtain, or so to speak?  Blogger Zach Haller lends his own analysis to the case, pointing fingers at Clinton co-conspirators, Terry McAuliffe (Governor of Virginia and 2020 Presidential nominee wannabee) and his crony, Mike Signer, Mayor of Charlottesville.

Of course, racism is a terrible thing.  The Nazi image is offensive to many, but the fact is, these types of groups have been among of for years and years, and we've learned to quietly co-exist. Thanks to the Constitution, these groups have the legal right to express their opinions publicly and even demonstrate, as they attempted to do (with the help of the ACLU) in Charlottesville.

As such, they in no way deserve to be the victims of violence and selective application of the law, as is clearly shown in these videos.  As President Trump said in his press conference (I'm paraphrasing), "There are two sides to this story."  Look deeper, and you'll see it.

What's next for America?
Expect to see more orchestrated violence by Obama's alt-left, and Soros-funded organizations in and around the Charlottesville area for a few more weeks.  "Let no good crisis go to waste," is an Obama motto and he (and his benefactors) plan to fully exploit the situation.

President Trump will have his hands full with the CIA-funded media, who is trying hard to get him impeached, and he'll be battling their efforts for many months, right into 2018. 

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