BREXIT & Prime Minister Theresa May Update

Almost one year ago, I posted a prediction about BREXIT and the newly appointed British Prime Minister Theresa May.  At the time, most Americans knew little (if anything) about May.  In that post, I predicted that May's days would be (relatively) numbered:

Prime Minister Theresa May (Reuters, Nicholls)
"Keeping good relationships with her country’s nearest neighbors while honoring the Brits’ desire to remain out of the European Union is an unworkable proposition, despite May’s prowess and willingness to communicate and negotiate with other European nations. It is unworkable simply because the European Union is falling apart, and each member country has major problems of its own to manage. What’s worse, the EU is marching to war between its member countries, exacerbated by Brussels and American interests, and this will all lead to a weakened Europe by 2020." 

"With all this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see May step down from her role as Prime Minister by 2019."

Since then, in June of 2017, Prime Minister May lost her majority in the general election, and positive public opinion of her is waning in the polls.  To make matters worse, Great Britain is struggling with higher than expected inflation and a waning economy.

So, what should we look for next?

I stand by my original prediction that May will be "out" by 2019.  However, the future for Great Britain is anything but secure, with calls to abandon the Brexit and rejoin the European Union lasting up to 2020. Furthermore, England will struggle to retain control over Ireland and Scotland, and may appear to be losing Scotland altogether by 2019.  However, Great Britain will remain together in its current form through 2020, and should enjoy a few years of peace and prosperity through 2023.  They will also continue as a sovereign nation, one apart from the European Union.

Still, there will come a time...around 2025...when we will see Great Britain at war once again, perhaps with one of its European neighbors such as France.

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