Thursday, November 24, 2016

Presidential Election Update: Still Not Over? Trump, Clinton, Pizzagate

It appears as if George Soros’ pre-election threat during a Bloomberg interview to use the electoral college to secure a Hillary Clinton victory is one step closer to being realized.

According to the Epoch Times:

“Several prominent members of the Electoral College are planning a “revolt” against President-elect Donald Trump—a long-shot move to prevent him being officially elected.

Each member of the Electoral College will have to cast an official ballot for the president on Dec. 19. But at least six Democratic electors are trying to deny Trump from winning an Electoral College majority in an attempt to block Trump and undermine the Electoral College’s legitimacy.

The six “faithless electors,” as they’re called, have vowed to cast ballots that don’t align with the popular vote in their respective states in an effort to persuade Republicans to vote against Trump.

“The Founding Fathers created the Electoral College as the last line of defense, and I think we must do all that we can to ensure that we have a Reasonable Republican candidate who shares our American values,” Michael Baca, an elector, said in a statement.”

If you watched my pre-election Youtube video, you know that I predicted that there would be no election winner until April of 2017.  In a subsequent video, I also predicted that there will be an assassination attempt against Donald Trump as soon as early January.

Now, if the electoral college manages to reduce their votes for Donald Trump below the 270 votes required to officially win the presidency, he is screwed.  But, that does not guarantee that Hillary Clinton will win enough votes to hit the minimum 270 either!

This means that there will be NO WINNER (as predicted) until the House of Representatives, led by Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, decides who the president will be!  And, if there’s agreement between both parties that neither Trump or Clinton is fit to lead the country, will that mean Paul Ryan, the next in line anyway, will be the President (as I predicted previously)?  We’ll have to wait and see because this one’s just too tough to call!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Erdogan (Turkey) and Putin (Russia) Agreement Update: Psychic Predictions

Just a quick update on my previous prediction that Erdogan and Putin will be "shaking hands" by November. My timing was off a little early as the two countries inked a renewed pipeline deal in October!

Check out the full story here, and my original prediction here.
Pictured: Presidents Putin and Erdogan of
Russia and Turkey, respectively.

Please note that despite the fact that Erdogan is busy negotiating deals with prominent neighbors like Russia, he and his radical cronies are busy alienating the citizens of Turkey. For example, Turkey's government just withdrew a controversial bill that would have granted amnesty to men convicted of child sex assault if they married their victims!  Fortunately, there was/is much popular opposition in the country, especially from women's rights organizations.

If my updated predictions about the recent coup in Turkey being squashed for the time being (as so it has), only to be followed by Erdogan's ouster in early 2017 (February timeframe) proves true, Turks (and Kurds) will be staring down a much brighter future in the years ahead!  That is, unless they fail to push back Iran's growing influence over their country (which, they should have no problem doing thanks to a "buffer" zone of sorts provided by the Kurds).

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Obamacare Prediction Update 2017: It Just Won't Die! (Where's a Death Panel When You Need One?)

At the end of 2015 when I posted my predictions for 2016 that included the imminent demise of Obamacare, many Americans were still accepting it as the status quo. As predicted, 2016 was a disastrous year for Obamacare, and Americans are outraged at the dramatic increases in premiums accompanied by higher deductions for less care.

Looking back, here's what I predicted:

"Obamacare 2016:
Obamacare really brings nothing to the table in terms of true economic growth, and as a matter of fact, is a real economy job killer, despite the fact that it has created many short-term, valueless jobs, which the government has used to boost employment figures.  These Obamacare-related jobs will swell to an amazing peak in early 2016, then stop dead in their tracks around June of 2016.  This will prove those who have warned against the dangers of Obamacare to our economy to be absolutely right!"

So, what's next for Obamacare? Will Trump and the Republicans be able to repeal and replace it with something new, like simple prepaid medical plans and affordable insurance for catastrophic care, perhaps with refinements to the existing Medicare system?
Obamacare proponents quietly mocked the
ignorance of Americans for believing that
Obamacare was anything more than an
incredible tax hike on Middle Class

Obamacare just won't die in 2017, despite a special committee(s) designed just for the purpose of killing and replacing it. Honestly, the central banks and multinational corporations that benefit from this fascist business model are so deeply embedded in the U.S. federal government, that despite having both a House and Senate that are Republican, along with a Republican (in name) President, this initiative just goes no where fast!  

The danger to the economy and in particular the healthcare industry if Obamacare continues on much longer is obvious, but the good news is that the Federal government as we know it is about to change for the better!