Friday, November 4, 2016

Why I Can't Predict a Presidential Winner (Hint: There May NOT "Officially" Be One Until April 2017)

Earlier this year, my boyfriend, who is a baseball fanatic, asked me who would win the World Series, and I predicted (correctly), Chicago Cubs.  The morning after the Cubbies' World Series, he asked me who would win the Presidential election, and I just shook my head, "I just can't see it!"  And, I can't see who will be sworn in either!

This got me thinking.  Maybe the reason that I can't "see" a clear picture of the country's next (elected) President is that it will be contested!

According to a recent RT interview with Julian Assange, Assange stated (I'm paraphrasing), "The big banks, multinational corporations and foreign entities will NOT allow Trump to win. They're all behind Clinton." This is a clear FACT based on the Podesta emails which are damning for the Clintons, but which have been widely ignored by the mainstream media.

If you've seen my Youtube videos on the Presidential predictions, you know that I had correctly predicted that Hillary would be "indicted" before the election and that her ongoing public trial would last through 2017 (also published in first issue of The Star Prophet, July 2016). True, as of today, we have not seen an official indictment, but big trouble is brewing and much of the establishment and her supporters have already "thrown her under the bus."  Most certainly, the American public has turned on her as evidence by recent election polls!

I will be posting a detailed Youtube video update with my "What's Next?" predictions later this evening, so stay tuned.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

CIA Insider Steve Pieczenik Just "Played" Infowars (Alex Jones) and Drudge Report

You may have heard the rumors that the CIA is claiming responsibility (or, "glory") for FBI Director James Comey coming forward with new evidence for Congress pertaining to the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.  In particular, claims of a 'counter coup' have been made by (alleged) former CIA intel officer, and author of numerous books, Steve Pieczenik, on Alex Jones' alternative news channel, Infowars, and allegedly, The Drudge Report (although I have not seen any links on today's Drudge report website to any such story, and wisely so!)

There are three (3) red flags that popped up for me when listening to Pieczenik's half truths in the conversation below that indicated to me that this is all fake:

(1) Pieczenik praises Chelsea Clinton as the person who will 'do the right thing' in all of this.  Fact is, we will soon see that Chelsea is just as corrupt and manipulative as her parents, and is a 'mini-me' to her mother, Hillary.

(2) He implies that Obama is some kind of 'good guy' in all of this. Fact is, one of the reasons Pieczenik is coming forward with this false story is to provide subterfuge for the connection between the Clintons and the Obama administration (we will soon learn that Obama's personal ties to the Clintons are closer than one might imagine at this point in time.)

(3) The truth is, it is the FBI, the NYPD, Congress (in particular Trey Gowdey) and the American people who have made this all possible, not the CROOKED AND CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT CIA!
Pictured above: Steve Pieczenik speaks
to Alex Jones of Infowars, detailing
his (imaginary) involvement in the
(mythical) "CIA Counter Coup"
to stop Crooked Hillary from
assuming control over the Federal

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Julian Assange Update: He's Alive, only "Marginalized"

I understand that there are many other psychics out there -- some who claim to be among "America's top psychics" and so on --who have predicted that Julian Assange is dead. Today, we've learned those predictions are wrong (thank God!)

In general I tend to stay away from "alive" versus "dead" predictions because I personally don't have the ability to discern between the two states of existence! However, if you look at my past predictions about Assange, I had said that he was simply "marginalized" and as it turns out, he was silenced by all kinds of dirty tactics including the Ecuadorian Embassy shutting down his Internet access!

To hear what Assange has to say to the world, watch this, and stay tuned for more pre- and post-election updates.

Donald Trump was Right: 100% Proof Digital Vote Rigging Is Happening in U.S.

When I cast my vote in the 2012 Presidential Election using our locally-provided paper ballot, I dropped it in to the slot and joked to the woman monitoring the area, "Are you sure that isn't a shredder?"  I was referencing the ballot box that did appear to be some sort of large shredder!

While it is not likely that my ballot was shredded, and that it was counted as it should have been (at least at the local level), we now know for sure that there are areas of the country where electronic voting booths have been modified to destroy or alter votes!

Thanks to the brave and clever work of the non-partisan, run nearly single-handed by Bev Harris, we now know that electronic voting machines have been rigged to count some citizens' votes more than others. It's called "fractionalized voting."

The news is spreading throughout the MSM and alternative media alike.  Epoch Times today wrote:

“Black Box Voting released a video on Oct. 31 that exposes the code found in the GEMS machines, which count votes in elections for a quarter of the United States. Investigators showed video evidence of tabulation computers being tampered with in U.S. elections.”

“The investigators also found functions on the vote-counting systems that hide alterations and code that divides whole votes into fractions.”

“In short, it’s like having the ability to say a vote is not a whole,” said Bennie Smith, a Tennessee programmer in the investigative video, who analyzed the GEMS system.

Now that these illicit voting machine modifications have been discovered, will it be possible to stop them? Yes, of course, but that does not mean that there won't be attempts to "steal" the election this time around. 

Going forward, it is important that citizens of this free country DEMAND that electronic voting machines and the systems they're attached to be decentralized to the local level and routinely audited.  Furthermore, having the option to print a copy of your ballot, or at the very least, having a digital copy sent securely to your smart phone or email address could be another option, albeit a precarious one.

In no way should "oversight" of the election process be transferred to the global elite by allowing the United Nations (U.N.) or ANY federal government authority, for that matter!  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Anthony Weiner: Email Voyeur ("What Was Weiner Planning to do with Clinton's Emails?)

According to the Daily Mail, “Huma Abedin's lawyer has thrown new confusion into the Clinton email probe - saying she never used the laptop seized by the FBI where the messages were found.”

“In a dramatic development, Abedin's newly-hired attorney claimed that the laptop was solely in the possession of the Hillary Clinton aide's ex-husband, pervert Anthony Weiner.”

What's the true story here?

Surprisingly, I tend to believe Abedin!  I really don’t think that she had any idea that her pervy hubby Weiner, was collecting emails.
Pictured: Anthony Weiner and estranged wife,
Huma Abedin.

How did he do it?  It really wasn’t that hard (pun intended!)  He simply rifled through his wife’s belongings, and managed to find Ids/passwords that gave him access to Clinton’s private emails.

What in the world was Weiner planning on doing with all of those emails? First of all, let’s just say that Weiner is a voyeur, and enjoyed spending hours rifling through other people’s dirty laundry.  Weiner was also sorting through data, and was planning to use it at a later date for blackmail purposes.

What can we learn from Weiner’s bad behavior?  As the old saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Just as concerns over Bill Clinton’s bad behaviors extending in to all levels of corruption were valid, we see the same thing happening in the Weiner household.  

“Birds of a feather flock together.”