Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wikileaks Has Been "Marginalized" (As Predicted), But Will He Score a Home Run?

In a recent Youtube short, I predicted that Wikileaks would be "marginalized" and that much of their message would have limited effect on much of the American public.

Wikileaks subsequently began releasing a large series of damaging emails between members of the Clinton insiders which has certainly perked up the electorate, or at least those who have already backed her rival, Donald Trump.  However, the mainstream media (MSM) has literally "blacked out" the information, and "state actors" have shut down Wikileaks internet access!

That has not stopped Wikileaks or the alternative media who have all done a great job in disseminating information about "Crooked Hillary" that every American should hear.

Still, at this point (19 days to the election), Wikileaks' data dump has been nothing more than the equivalent of a series of small stink bombs on the Clinton campaign.  Will they ever release any information that will "hit the ball out of the park" or so to speak?  Or, at the very least, can Wikileaks make a dent in the dull and dank psyches of the die-hard Clinton supporters? 
Pictured: Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

While Wikileaks will continue to lob bundles of incriminating information about Crooked Hillary to the alt. media, there really isn't anything that I would consider to be a "home run" in terms of finally closing the door to the White House in Clinton's smug face.  I am also worried that Julian Assange of Wikileaks could be "silenced" further by the shadow government and their minions.  It is simply too important to put a complicit puppet in the White House to close the door on American democracy and our way of life once and for all.

The good news is that no matter what the outcome of this U.S. election, the wheels are in motion for a complete dismantling of the Shadow Government which has taken over America, Wall Street, and our military.  Unfortunately, these corrupt powers may choose more drastic measures to marginalize America in 2018!

Nuclear War in 2018? As Predicted Way Back in 2014! (Believe Me Now?)

"Americans are being primed for war against Russia," is what I wrote in 2014.

Yes, I began warning readers about the impending "nuclear" war between Russia and American in 2018 way back even before 2014.  If you look at my older Youtube posts on a variety of channels over the last several, I specifically said that the American politico-propaganda machine is priming Americans for a major war with Russia. One of my first Youtube videos covered the subject, too.

So here we are, and the fascist, neoconservative American traitors who have infiltrated and closely followed the Bush/Clinton/Obama regimes over the years, are pounding the war drums harder than ever, creating a sense of unease among the American and Russian public alike.

And, this sense of unease is dangerous in itself. As noted in my video, and also the latest issue of The Star Prophet magazine, such tensions are a recipe for disaster (and a major opportunity for any country smart enough to take advantage of them).  Guess who will trigger Russia's nuclear weapons system  which will take out a big chunk of the Northeastern United States?

The bottom line here is we must begin to prepare for 2018 now (I estimate the May 2018 time frame). In the meantime, I'll be outlining more signs to watch for in 2017 in the next issue of the magazine to be released at the end of October/early November (sorry, I'm behind a little with all this election stuff providing a major distraction!), so stay tuned.

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