Friday, September 30, 2016

Wells Fargo Banking Fraud Collapse Update

Back in May, I put Wells Fargo bank at the top of my list for banks to fail in 2016/2017.  If you've been paying attention, they're mired in controversy over the (illegal) fraudulent deals they concocted to prop up their business and financials.

Will top officials of this failing bank be thrown in to jail? Don't hold your breath!

Will their share price take an irreversible hit? Not with all the market manipulation (and more fraud) available to execs merely for the asking! (Note, I'm not saying that their share price hasn't taken a hit and won't take further hits, but it can be manipulated).

Will there be more downsizing of the company and mass layoffs? This is the most likely outcome (isn't it always the case?)

Hillary Clinton's Will Power Is Amazing...A Little (Lot of) Cheating Didn't Hurt

If you watched the recent debate closely, you would have noticed that Hillary Clinton struggled to keep her shaking hands under control by tightly gluing them in place on top of the podium.  She also seemed to breeze through the debate (as predicted), confirming for Democrats that all the fuss about her health issues was just a bunch of noise.

As it turns out, it now appears that Clinton was cheating the whole time.  In this video analysis, you can clearly see Clinton using hand signals with the moderator who was also wired to some sort of central control with an ear piece.  This allowed her to bring forth pre-rehearsed "zingers" which have been repeated over and over again in the lamestream media, reinforcing them in to the tiny brains of American voters.

I still stand by my prediction that Hillary could be out of this race before the election (unless, that is, she's given a giant pass for not showing up at all of the debates which is entirely possible, but not 100% certain in this crazy, corrupt world).

Meanwhile, as I predicted, Obamacare continues to crumble, shocking people with Obamacare penalties, and sharp increases in premiums coming soon to a mailbox near you!

What's more, the handover of the Internet ICANN central system to the United Nations by the United States, is sparking fears of mass, Communist-style crack-downs on dissenting views to the New World Order which has already been put in to "full speed ahead" mode by Obama.  This fact, too, supports my 2016 prediction that free speech is about to be seriously restricted, as a Stasi-style fascist regime takes over the Federal government.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Syria (Aleppo) Psychic Prediction Update: What's Next? (Israel, NATO, U.S. Russia, Iran)

A recent report filed by the Epoch Times article dated September 25, 2016 ("Syrian Rebels Reverse Government Gains in Aleppo") verified my August 4, 2016 prediction that Aleppo will be a "hard nut" for Russia and its allies (Syria & the Kurds) to crack, and so here it is. 

Furthermore, I had pointed out that Turkey was the main supplier of deadly gas that has been used against Russian forces, and far worse, the poor civilians of Aleppo!  Since then, it has been revealed that Turkey has gone behind Russia's back, evidently in an effort to curtail the goals of the Kurds whose only desire is to establish, once and for all, their own state, Kurdistan, in the region.

As a reminder, here's what I predicted back in August (August 4, 2016):

I sincerely feel for the residents of Aleppo! They are in for a long stand-off against ISIS (Turkey, NATO, Israel, U.S.) forces, which will culminate with a very bloody battle as soon as February 2017.  Russia and Syria will eventually retreat from the area, deciding that any further efforts are a lost cause. This will lead the door wide open for ISIS and the Syrian rebels to push back into Syria in 2017, only to be nipped in the bud by 2018, thanks to Russia. Until then, it’s a waiting (and survival) game for the average Syrian on the ground. Their best bet would be to flee the area until after mid-year 2018.

Pictured Right: This iconic photograph of an Aleppo child following the bombing of the city by Israeli (U.S.)  and Turkish-backed (ISIS) gorillas, is just a taste of what Israel has planned for the Middle East (and America, too!)

Yet another validation of my prediction that the battle in Aleppo is fueled by the Israelis (not necessarily the Americans who tend to be puppets of many, and masters of nearly NONE these days) comes from the Syrian representative Jaafari who says that the "U.S. is not a genuine broker" of any kind of peace talks in the Middle East. (Who is the "genuine broker"? Israel!).

What's next for the Middle East, and in particular, Syria?  The Zionist Israelis and their puppets (most notably, Qatar and the European Nazis from France and Germany) certainly intend to keep up the bombings on innocent civilians in the city of Aleppo, which will force the Russians and Kurds out of the city, as predicted above.  

However, thanks to changes in the American government in 2017, the ongoing break-up of the European Union (Nazi-state), the rapid deterioration and imminent bankruptcy of Saudi Arabia, and the growing dominance of Iran in the entire region, the patient and clever Kurds (God's true "chosen people" in my opinion) are left with an unprecedented opportunity to negotiate a friendly arrangement with Israel which could lay the foundation for their own state in Syria, while also ending hostilities in Aleppo as soon as March 2017!

For more details, please watch for the next issue of The Star Prophet magazine.  Subscribe now for less than $3.99 per issue.

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump First Debate Predics: What's Next?

It's September 26, 2016 (6:10 a.m. EST), and millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting this evening's Presidential debate between crooked Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and flamboyant D.C. "outsider", Donald Trump (Republican).

More interesting than the candidates themselves are the lingering health issues of Clinton's, and her alleged advanced Parkinsons disease.  Will her head start bobbing (nodding) furiously under stress? Will her eyeballs stray in different directions? Will she shout at the camera in the strange, robotic manner that she displayed in a recent presentation to Union organizers? Or, will she simply collapse under the pressure?

Many inquiring minds want to know.

So what's next? If you recall my Youtube video, and various past predictions on this blog, I have predicted that Clinton would be out of the race by September, primarily due to her legal woes.  And, while I still see the Clinton's being dragged through the court system through 2017, it appears as if Hillary's health may throw the deadly blow that knocks her out of the race.

This evening's debate is a grueling 90 minutes long.  Expect to see Clinton dominate the first 20 minutes to a half an hour or so, as Trump, despite his bravado, is simply overwhelmed by the set-up. However, as the evening progresses, don't be surprised to see signs of Clnton's coughing and even light headedness rear their ugly heads.  

Overall, this first debate is going to be a nightmare for Clinton who is suffering from severe health problems that most certainly would prevent her from fulfilling her duties if elected President of the United States.  I would not be surprised if this isn't also her last debate, which would eliminate her from the race to the White House, even as soon as October 1st, as predicted!