Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Disease: Medical Doctor In-Depth Analysis of Events

I just visited with a young friend of mine who doesn't believe a thing that the alternative media has to say about Hillary Clinton's alleged battle with Parkinson's disease, and instead, relies solely on "The Daily Show" for her news.  Don't laugh! Many Americans get their propaganda...ahem... "news" from similar shows featured on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and all the other major media outlets in the United States.

"Wouldn't it be great if a medical expert outlined point by point exactly where he's getting this diagnosis?" she asked me.

Voila!  Here's one of many such experts who has come forward to detail why he believes all evidence points to Parkinsons disease for Hillary Clinton.  Check it out:

Want to know "What's Next?" for Hillary Clinton? Check out my many predictions, below.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Game Over for Hillary Clinton? Health Issues, Wikileaks Emails ...WHAT'S NEXT? Predictions

Here we are in the month of September, and U.S. Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton is literally on her "last legs."  In the video shown below, she is shown being lifted into a van just yesterday as she leaves the commemorative 9/11 ceremony early.  The excuse that her campaign issued to the press was that she has pneumonia, but of course, it is clear that this woman is seriously sick, and ill-qualified for the post of POTUS.

If you watched my Youtube quick-predic video that I posted earlier this year, you know that I predicted that September (this month!) was destined to be a game-changer for Mrs. Clinton.  And with the impending release by Wikileaks of over 100,000 emails that Julian Assange assures will indict Mrs. Clinton of undeniable wrong-doing, it looks as if it could be game over for this corrupt woman!

What's Next? Don't expect Clinton to throw in the towel just yet.  She's certain to appear in at least one of the upcoming televised debates with Republican rival Donald Trump, which runs the risk of ending in disaster for Clinton and the Democratic party.  And, while I think the Wikileaks release of incriminating evidence against Clinton holds the potential to be damaging to the campaign, it will largely be ignored by the lamestream U.S. media (but of course!), at least through the end of September.

However, by October, Clinton will find herself being pulled in a million different directions, putting out one fire after the next, leaving the world to wonder, "Will she make it to election day?"  Don't bet on it!