Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Psychic Predictions 2017: Preparing for Sacrifice/Crucifixion & the Second Coming of Christ

If you've read my many warnings about the year 2018, you'll know that 2017 is going to be a critical year of awakening.  Americans (and, clearly Europeans, too) are waking up to the fact that the global elite is corrupt and dangerous. Kudos to the Brits for kicking the very same psychopaths who concocted our two World Wars (in particular, WW2) and have re-emerged once again, prepared to do anything that they can to preserve their vision of a One World Government (more about this in the upcoming issue of The Star Prophet, September issue).

It's all part of a never-ending cycle of sacrifice, and this time, it will be Americans who will be
Pictured: "Crucifixion" by Andrea del Castagno
sacrificed in 2018.  

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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Truth About British Prime Minister, Theresa May & Brexit

Following Great Britain’s recent vote to leave the European Union (otherwise known as the “Brexit”), David Cameron stepped down from his position as Prime Minister, and in stepped Theresa May to fill his shoes.
Pictured: Theresa May, Prime Minister of Great Britain

While some have described May as “solid, dependable, but a bit dull,” many have noted that her first few weeks in her new role have brought about a more confident persona.  She has certainly come out of her shell, but many are wondering whether her new-found confidence will last in the face of some of the real challenges facing her as the Brexit "unwinding" process continues.

The real question is whether May is on the side of the British people, or is merely another shill for the European elite.  Will she lead the charge to restore the sovereignty of the British people, or, will she sell them out for a high-paid, post PM position ala Tony Blair?

Is Theresa May the “real deal?”

May is most certainly the real deal in terms of her desire to support her political party, and in seeking to renegotiate relationships with other European countries. To start, she’s very optimistic about working hand in hand with France, but that relationship, and in particular, her negotiations with President Hollande of France will begin to fall apart in 2017, thanks in part to the impending Frexit.  Angela Merkel of Germany, wants nothing to do with the new Prime Minister, and I expect this relationship to be cold at best.

Keeping good relationships with her country’s nearest neighbors while honoring the Brits’ desire to remain out of the European Union is an unworkable proposition, despite May’s prowess and willingness to communicate and negotiate with other European nations. It is unworkable simply because the European Union is falling apart, and each member country has major problems of its own to manage. What’s worse, the EU is marching to war between its member countries, exacerbated by Brussels and American interests, and this will all lead to a weakened Europe by 2020.  

With all this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see May step down from her role as Prime Minister by 2019.

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