Friday, May 6, 2016

The Fix is In: Presidential Predictions Update (Paul Ryan)

If you've viewed my latest Youtube prediction video, you know that I believe that the Republicans plan to slide Paul Ryan in to the Presidency "by hook or by crook." Even if it means literally LOCKING Trump and his people out of the Republican Convention in July!

Following Trumps definitive win in Indiana, and the drop-out of contenders Kasich and Cruz for the Republican nominee, Trump has become the "presumptive nominee" for everyone EXCEPT the Republican establishment elite!
Pictured: Presidential candidate Donald Trump (left)
and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

There is a growing list of the near-100 elite Republican insiders, including Paul Ryan himself, who are refusing to back Trump. From this point forward, until the corrupt Republican convention, expect this to be the main source of discussion in the lamestream news.  So much for taking down Hillary Clinton, but that will come later, when she's indicted and loses her last chance for the Presidency.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Senator Graham Demonstrates the Simple, Single Mind of the Typical Neocon (Nazi)

In this clip, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a well-known Neoconservative (a nice name for NAZI) has the audacity to scold Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of of Staff Joseph Dunford, for backing the Kurds. If you've been paying attention, the Kurds are quite successfully fighting and killing ISIS footmen (the Saudi's al Nusra Front).

Clearly, we can see that Senator Graham believes we should be funneling more weapons and money to the radical Wahhabi Saudis (ISIS) who gleefully kill any Christian in their way, even infants who they happily stomp and beat to death after they yank them from their parent's arms!  

WARNING: Scroll down to see images of the effects of Graham's policies.  WARNING!!!!  The pictures are extremely graphic.

He objects  to the Pentagon’s strategy of arming and aiding the Kurdish militias in northern Syria, arguing that our ally Turkey, considers them to be 'terrorists.'

Did you know that the Three Wise Men in the Bible were Kurds? Their descendants continue to fight to this day for 'humanity' and that includes Christians, Jews, and other religions alike.

Graham is very tricky and deceiving in his language about the Kurds, calling them 'terrorists'.  And yes, the Kurds are fighting against Turkey--the country who has been funneling weapons and money to ISIS. Turkey has indiscriminately been running a campaign of terror and murder against the Kurds, so any form of retaliation on the part of the Kurds is certainly warranted, as far as I'm concerned.

Erdogan of Turkey funnels the money that ISIS steals from the sale of oil, gas, artifacts, and so on, back through European banks like IBS, where it is cleanly laundered. From there, it is doled out among the European elite, with a few crumbs tossed to their minions like Senator Graham.

"Senator" Graham is not working for his American constituency, but is one the many political ping-pong balls in a game of global elite table tennis.  It is not Graham's American constituency that has gotten him so agitated here, it is the international banking and corporate cartels who want this game to continue for their enjoyment, and at great profit to everyone except 'the rest of us.'  Funding the Kurds--God's true Chosen People--would certainly spoil the game.

(WARNING: Graphic images follow)....

A Kurdish Solider that Graham Refers to as a "Terrorist"

The Kurdish Soldiers Believe that they are "Fighting for Humanity" Against 
Morons like This:

These Men Do This to Christian Children:

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Chinese Take-Over of Italy: Say Ba'bye to Fine, Designer Goods

I spent three months in Milan, Italy last year, and got an earful from my new Italian friends about their government and the Chinese. It seems that the ECB/EU puppets that have taken over the country, so rich from its amazing manufacturing base that is the envy of the world, have sold the Italians out to the Chinese. 

Case in point: While the Italians are enjoying 75% tax rates, the Chinese get a five year TAX BREAK, complements of the two, corrupt governments. This gives them a huge leg up when purchasing an Italian business.

The Chinese have also brokered manufacturing deals on those "MADE IN ITALY" high quality, designer garments that the Italians have worked for centuries to master. They're now manufactured in China, and sent to Italy where their "Made in Italy" tags are sewn in. VERSACE is one of the worst culprits, but I suspect every other major designer now does, or is planning to do the same thing. 

And now, during their annual trips to Italy to steal the designs of the top fashion shops (yes, they do this, and it is the biggest joke amongst the Italians), the Chinese are now accompanied by their very own body guards, financed, I would imagine, by the Italian citizens who enjoy massive unemployment rates.

When in Milan, it sickened me to see the small cafes previously owned by Italians now owned by Chinese. I didn't go to Italy to see the f@cking Chinese! China was the first foreign country I visited when I was younger. It was a craphole then, and it's even worse now. They bring nothing to the global table in terms of technology, creativity or culture. Their products truly 'suck', especially compared to those of the Italians.  

They only thing that the Chinese bring to the table is strong-arm negotiation tactics, deceit, and thievery. Oh, and a police force that they're happy to prance around the globe, apparently in an effort to flex their political will.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Psychic Prediction Update: Market Decline in February? You Betcha!

Just a quick update on the market. In my original Youtube video, I predicted that the market would begin its decline in February 2016. Yes, it was hard to see because it was so nicely propped up by The Federal Reserve, but on 4/26, "Smart Money" reported that there has been a 13-week sell-off! This is the longest, uninterrupted sell-off in U.S. history, they report.

Do the math: The market sell-off began in February.

Psychic Prediction Update: Paul Ryan Being Groomed for President (Saudi Visit)

If you saw my original prediction about the 2016 President Election, I encouraged everyone to not vote, quite frankly, because it won't matter anyway!  In my latest update, I noted that the Republican Party has already decided to inject Paul Ryan in as their Presidential candidate, no matter what happens with Donald Trump in the primaries.

(I wrote:)
Now there are rumors that even Ted Cruz could be bumped out of the Republican nominee position by none other than Paul Ryan.  I believe that this is a very strong probability, especially since Hillary Clinton could win the popular vote, and Cruz can't even touch her. However, her legal problems could lead to her replacement as well, if not during the election, then afterwards.

If you haven't noticed, Paul Ryan recently met with the Saudis to discuss, I assume, their threat to unleash billions of dollars of bonds on the market, thereby crashing the economy (which would never happen in my estimation as the Saudis are 'stuck' with their bonds, and there's no way for them to unload them!)  The threat comes upon rumors that the U.S. public is demanding that the truth about the Saudi involvement in 9/11 be released.
Pictured: The imbecile King Salman of Saudi Arabia
meets with Republican Presidential 'nominee'
in early April. 

Clearly, Ryan is being 'groomed' for the Presidency.  So, to put it quite simply: Your vote doesn't matter. Period.

To make matters worse, Obama has already cut a secret deal with the IMF who will be swooping in to America in 2017 with a bag full of "Obama-phone-like" goodies to appease the masses ("Let Them Eat Cake") while the elite stuff their pockets with American assets.  As part of the deal, many politicians who have already been bought off, will have their pockets stuffed with Zimbabwe style, IMF-issued money, and key positions within the Federal government will be staffed with IMF shills.

The moral of this story? You no longer own America, so suck up. It goes downhill from here, no matter who is placed in the White House by the elite.