Thursday, April 21, 2016

Scientist Who Found Gluten Sensitivity Now Says it Doesn’t Exist

I've had a number of clients ask me about gluten sensitivity as it relates to their own health problems.  Each time, I've failed to see a connection!  Now, new studies reveal that it may not be gluten, but rather, the Monsanto chemicals used to treat wheat within a week of harvest that may be the true culprit behind gastrointestinal disease!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the government is complicit in covering up such connections. Take for example the alleged connection between pesticides and the Zika virus connection to birth defects.  In my recent Youtube video, I predicted that it was NOT the mosquito-carried Zika virus that is causing children to be born with really tiny heads. But rather, it's the insecticides used to treat water to control the mosquito populations.

These obvious connections between poisons and disease will remain obscured by big corporations like Monsanto as long as big government and media stand behind them.

Obama Turns the Tables on Saudi Arabia: 9/11 Truth Will Be Leaked (Psychic Predictions)

If you think that President Obama received a big, giant 'spanking' (figuratively speaking) from King Salman of Saudi Arabia, during Obama's recent extension of his 'apology tour' to that nation, you are only half right.  Yes, the Saudis have threatened to dump billions of dollars of U.S. bonds if the U.S. government allows them to be sued by American citizens, an event which would be, in theory, catastrophic to the U.S. economy.  However, upon Obama's return to the United States, the wheels were in motion to orchestrate a 'leak' that would reveal the truth about 9/11 to the U.S. public, and it doesn't bode well for U.S./Saudi relations!

"Good for you, Obama!" is what I say.

Could Obama be making up for his multi-billion dollar arms sale to the Saudis within the first weeks of him stepping in to office in 2009? Is he exacting revenge on the Saudis (al Nusra/ISIS) for killing American soldiers in Syria and worse yet, Yemen? (I'm pretty sure he doesn't care less!) Maybe he's just tired of the constant whining and manipulation of the Saudis (and by default, the Israelis), and knows that they're on their way 'out' of international politics and banking? (Bingo! Of special note: Aramco, the Saudi's big oil company is about to go public...please avoid this dud!) No matter what he's not one to go out of office without a big 'bang'!

Some interesting 'facts' about King Salman and the Saudis that are hidden from view:
Saudi Arabia's King Salman epitomizes the Saudis
arrogance and limited intellectual capacity
that is leading them to a take-over by

* Despite having billions of barrels of oil in reserves, the Saudis are running out of oil, hence their desperation to take over countries like Iran.

* Saudi Arabia ranks on the lower end of the global IQ scale, (they've beheaded and killed most of their intellectuals, for Chrissakes!). King Salman (and his inbred family of thieves) is no exception. He can barely read or write and relies on the advice of an equally inept (small) group of advisers.

* For all their stupidity, the Saudis have been a puppet of the Israelis, but Iran is about to take them over, which is what (almost) all of this war in the Middle East is about!