Why I Can't Predict a Presidential Winner (Hint: There May NOT "Officially" Be One Until April 2017)

Earlier this year, my boyfriend, who is a baseball fanatic, asked me who would win the World Series, and I predicted (correctly), Chicago Cubs.  The morning after the Cubbies' World Series, he asked me who would win the Presidential election, and I just shook my head, "I just can't see it!"  And, I can't see who will be sworn in either!

This got me thinking.  Maybe the reason that I can't "see" a clear picture of the country's next (elected) President is that it will be contested!

According to a recent RT interview with Julian Assange, Assange stated (I'm paraphrasing), "The big banks, multinational corporations and foreign entities will NOT allow Trump to win. They're all behind Clinton." This is a clear FACT based on the Podesta emails which are damning for the Clintons, but which have been widely ignored by the mainstream media.

If you've seen my Youtube videos on the Presidential predictions, you know that I had correctly predicted that Hillary would be "indicted" before the election and that her ongoing public trial would last through 2017 (also published in first issue of The Star Prophet, July 2016). True, as of today, we have not seen an official indictment, but big trouble is brewing and much of the establishment and her supporters have already "thrown her under the bus."  Most certainly, the American public has turned on her as evidence by recent election polls!

I will be posting a detailed Youtube video update with my "What's Next?" predictions later this evening, so stay tuned.

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