U.S. Sends 600 Containers of Ammo to Germany: European Civil War? WW3

Over 600 containers of ammunition have been sent by the U.S. military (Army, Air Force) to Germany.  Russian reporters have been blocked from any press conferences related to the event, raising fears that NATO countries (Europe + America) are gearing up to attack Russia.

So, what will they be used for?

The arms will never reach the Russian front and may only be trickled in to the Middle East from what I can see.  In a sad turn of events, however, they will be used to fuel war among European countries in 4-5 years time!

Yes, if you read issue 02 of The Star Prophet magazine, I pointed out that the recent #BREXIT helped Europe to avoid catastrophic war among member countries, but that doesn't mean that something bad, very bad, isn't brewing.
World War 3 among European States is a strong
probability within the next 4-5 years.

We can see the tension rising now between Great Britain, France and Germany now. Remember, France was a Nazi collaborator, and continues to be a leader in stirring up troubles in the Middle East and Africa.  However, public sentiment, like that in Great Britain and the United States, is against imperialism (read: globalism), but the powers that be have their own anti-democratic agenda.

This all hearkens back to WW2 (and, yes WW1) where our current problems started, and in particular, the Nazi-inspired One World Order.

Be sure to check out the September issue of The Star Prophet where I explain how the United States secretly backed the Nazis and globalism flourished.

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