CIA Insider Steve Pieczenik Just "Played" Infowars (Alex Jones) and Drudge Report

You may have heard the rumors that the CIA is claiming responsibility (or, "glory") for FBI Director James Comey coming forward with new evidence for Congress pertaining to the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.  In particular, claims of a 'counter coup' have been made by (alleged) former CIA intel officer, and author of numerous books, Steve Pieczenik, on Alex Jones' alternative news channel, Infowars, and allegedly, The Drudge Report (although I have not seen any links on today's Drudge report website to any such story, and wisely so!)

There are three (3) red flags that popped up for me when listening to Pieczenik's half truths in the conversation below that indicated to me that this is all fake:

(1) Pieczenik praises Chelsea Clinton as the person who will 'do the right thing' in all of this.  Fact is, we will soon see that Chelsea is just as corrupt and manipulative as her parents, and is a 'mini-me' to her mother, Hillary.

(2) He implies that Obama is some kind of 'good guy' in all of this. Fact is, one of the reasons Pieczenik is coming forward with this false story is to provide subterfuge for the connection between the Clintons and the Obama administration (we will soon learn that Obama's personal ties to the Clintons are closer than one might imagine at this point in time.)

(3) The truth is, it is the FBI, the NYPD, Congress (in particular Trey Gowdey) and the American people who have made this all possible, not the CROOKED AND CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT CIA!
Pictured above: Steve Pieczenik speaks
to Alex Jones of Infowars, detailing
his (imaginary) involvement in the
(mythical) "CIA Counter Coup"
to stop Crooked Hillary from
assuming control over the Federal

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