Hillary Clinton "Dies" in Second Debate. What's Next?

By many accounts, Hillary Clinton completely lost any momentum she had gained during the first Presidential debate during the second debate.  Donald Trump came back strong, and seemed to hit almost every mark with his direct blows against the Clinton's and their sordid shenanigans.

And, while the lame main stream media, having completely lost every last ounce of credibility with their rigged debates and fake polls scrambles to save face with endless whining and mealy mouthed Trump-bashing, the Trump campaign is enjoying huge turnouts at his rallies.

There is one remaining Presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19th. Will Hillary recover in the nick of time? Or, is she destined to wallow in defeat leaving the White House to Donald Trump?

Don't expect a full recovery for Hillary during the third debate.  There is just no way that Clinton can turn the tables on Trump, as hard as her campaign will try.  Still, it's hard to predict the outcome of this 'election' given the fact that Clinton and her insiders most certainly will do their best to steal it.

And remember, even if Trump does win the Presidency, he's fighting an uphill battle against the neoconservatives and the political elite who will infiltrate the next administration with their full force and might.  Plus, Obama and friends have already signed away the country and our currency to the European elite who already run us through the Federal reserve and their affiliated central bankers.

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