Hillary Clinton's Will Power Is Amazing...A Little (Lot of) Cheating Didn't Hurt

If you watched the recent debate closely, you would have noticed that Hillary Clinton struggled to keep her shaking hands under control by tightly gluing them in place on top of the podium.  She also seemed to breeze through the debate (as predicted), confirming for Democrats that all the fuss about her health issues was just a bunch of noise.

As it turns out, it now appears that Clinton was cheating the whole time.  In this video analysis, you can clearly see Clinton using hand signals with the moderator who was also wired to some sort of central control with an ear piece.  This allowed her to bring forth pre-rehearsed "zingers" which have been repeated over and over again in the lamestream media, reinforcing them in to the tiny brains of American voters.

I still stand by my prediction that Hillary could be out of this race before the election (unless, that is, she's given a giant pass for not showing up at all of the debates which is entirely possible, but not 100% certain in this crazy, corrupt world).

Meanwhile, as I predicted, Obamacare continues to crumble, shocking people with Obamacare penalties, and sharp increases in premiums coming soon to a mailbox near you!

What's more, the handover of the Internet ICANN central system to the United Nations by the United States, is sparking fears of mass, Communist-style crack-downs on dissenting views to the New World Order which has already been put in to "full speed ahead" mode by Obama.  This fact, too, supports my 2016 prediction that free speech is about to be seriously restricted, as a Stasi-style fascist regime takes over the Federal government.

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