Hillary Clinton Donald Trump First Debate Predics: What's Next?

It's September 26, 2016 (6:10 a.m. EST), and millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting this evening's Presidential debate between crooked Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and flamboyant D.C. "outsider", Donald Trump (Republican).

More interesting than the candidates themselves are the lingering health issues of Clinton's, and her alleged advanced Parkinsons disease.  Will her head start bobbing (nodding) furiously under stress? Will her eyeballs stray in different directions? Will she shout at the camera in the strange, robotic manner that she displayed in a recent presentation to Union organizers? Or, will she simply collapse under the pressure?

Many inquiring minds want to know.

So what's next? If you recall my Youtube video, and various past predictions on this blog, I have predicted that Clinton would be out of the race by September, primarily due to her legal woes.  And, while I still see the Clinton's being dragged through the court system through 2017, it appears as if Hillary's health may throw the deadly blow that knocks her out of the race.

This evening's debate is a grueling 90 minutes long.  Expect to see Clinton dominate the first 20 minutes to a half an hour or so, as Trump, despite his bravado, is simply overwhelmed by the set-up. However, as the evening progresses, don't be surprised to see signs of Clnton's coughing and even light headedness rear their ugly heads.  

Overall, this first debate is going to be a nightmare for Clinton who is suffering from severe health problems that most certainly would prevent her from fulfilling her duties if elected President of the United States.  I would not be surprised if this isn't also her last debate, which would eliminate her from the race to the White House, even as soon as October 1st, as predicted!

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