War in Syria Update- Russia, NATO, Israel, Turkey & America (USA) (Psychic Predictions)

If you’re as interested in global events and politics as I am, the recent chemical attack in Syria didn’t slip by unnoticed, nor should it.  Aleppo is one of the last ISIS strongholds in Syria, and is a perfect example of how NATO and Israel (and, let's not forget, U.S. neocon traitors like McCain and Clinton) are attempting to unwind Russian dominance in the region.
Pictured: Nour Al-Din Al-Zenki is the rebel
group accused by the Russian military
of releasing chlorine gas on the residents
of Aleppo (Syria).

Back in June, I predicted (6/10/2016)

First of all, Russia and the Kurds will find Aleppo to be a "hard nut to crack." That is, they'll have a really hard time driving out ISIS forces, thanks to the fact that NATO by proxy of Israel has taken over control (and funding) of ISIS, and is determined to keep Aleppo as a major hub for their Syrian activities.  Watch for extended fighting in that area, at least through the end of the year (more updates to come).

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What’s Next?
First, it is important to note that I believe that the chlorine gas is coming from Turkey. This is a clear indication that Turkey is still backing ISIS, despite any kind of public proclamation that they aren’t. Furthermore, in light of this, Turkey’s efforts to reconcile with Russia should be taken with a grain of salt, at least until Erdogan is ousted.

I sincerely feel for the residents of Aleppo! They are in for a long stand-off against ISIS (Turkey, NATO, Israel, U.S.) forces, which will culminate with a very bloody battle as soon as February 2017.  Russia and Syria will eventually retreat from the area, deciding that any further efforts are a lost cause. This will lead the door wide open for ISIS and the Syrian rebels to push back into Syria in 2017, only to be nipped in the bud by 2018, thanks to Russia.  Until then, it’s a waiting (and survival) game for the average Syrian on the ground. Their best bet would be to flee the area until after mid-year 2018.

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