Hillary Clinton Update: IRS to Investigate Clinton Foundation (Prediction Update)

In case you didn't notice, the Clintons' (Bill and Hillary's) legal problems aren't over by any stretch of the imagination.  Now, it seems that the IRS is launching an investigation in to The Clinton Foundation. Unfortunately, thanks to the rampant corruption in just about all echelons of American politics, the Clintons know exactly who to bribe to make such an inquiry disappear, and so it will...at least for the time being.
Hillary Clinton continues to suffer
from seizures during public events. Her
side-kick, former President Bill
Clinton, is a trusty guide at all times, and
is ready to re-assume his position
as commander in chief despite his
own health problems.

If you think laundering money through the "slush fund" otherwise known as The Clinton Foundation is bad, know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, a bigger iceberg is waiting to put a stop to all the Clinton madness, and it may arrive just in time for the November 2016 presidential elections!

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