America's Biggest Traitor: Worse than Hitler, This Man Betrayed the World!

The United States of America used to be a fantastic place. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of men and women became rich, and everyone else dreamed of it!  Immigrants from all over the world flocked here for a better life. It was a promise to every American that if you were creative, and worked hard, you too could live the American Dream.

Today that dream has vanished, leaving behind a Hand-Out State, with an ever-increasing population of people living below the poverty line, all at the hands of international oligarchs who have been feasting on the riches that our American ancestors worked so hard to create.

This shift from the Work-Hard to the Hand-Out culture came about as the result of one man, his friends and their minions. In this issue of The Star Prophet magazine (available in digital form), we identify the American man who started it all. And surprisingly, without him, it is likely that Hitler would never have risen through the ranks and in to power!

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