Turkey Military Coup, Erdogan Update. Where will this Lead? (Psychic Predictions)

If you've been reading this blog, you know that I love to pick on President Erdogan of Turkey, who is perhaps the biggest trouble-maker in the world at this time. His direct connection to ISIS is no secret, and the public awareness of this fact has caused NATO and the United States to slowly back away from supporting him. As a result, any bids for Turkey to join the European Union have been tossed out the window, and this was certain to piss off the Turkish people who consider themselves modernized Europeans.
Pictured: President Erdogan of Turkey.

And now, Erdogan is struggling with yet another military coup, which has compelled him to further crack down on the country's institutions, and lead a purge that has been called a "witch hunt."

If you're a regular reader, these events should come as no surprise. For example, back in March (3/27/2016), I predicted the following:

For now, Erdogan has Brussel's attention. Over the next month or two Europe will appear to appease the man by continuing to shelter the very immigrants that his ISIS fighters forced in to fleeing their own countries for safer grounds. However, Erdogan's days appear to be numbered, and while I don't think there'll be an overthrow of his regime in 2016, by early 2017, he could be feeling the pain. This thanks to his many neighbors including the Kurds who would be more than happy to take revenge on this man who has caused their people so much pain and suffering.

What's next for Turkey?
This coup attempt isn't over by a long shot!  Expect to hear more about Erdogan's harsh crack-down on opponents over the next three months. But the tides take a sharp turn, and by September, it will appear as if the military has gained control of the country, and Erdogan's out. However, this initiative will quickly crumble in to a state of disarray.

By the end of the year, Turkey is wide-open for an external take-over, and countries like Iran are certainly ready to insert their influence in to the restructuring of the government. I expect Erdogan's control of the country to be marginalized by February, if not sooner.

Despite all the turmoil, Turkey's future looks very bright!  Erdogan has dragged the country in to this chaos, and it is time to purge his closeted gay ass!

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