"Summer of Chaos" for France. Is #FREXIT on the Way? Predictions.

Hindsight is 20/20, as the old saying goes.  As we take a look back in time, there were abundant warnings about France's current struggle with Muslim immigrants, including this 2014 report by CBN News.  In the report, they predicted civil war between whites and dark-skinned Muslims, which has turned out to be pretty darn astute, especially with the recent Bastille Day terrorism event in mind.

Looking forward over the next five years, it appears as if the native French will continue to be overwhelmed by white-hating Muslims who have themselves firmly anchored in to the country. I would not be surprised to see a significant portion of the country under some form of hybrid Sharia Law, with regular explosions of violence and terrorism!

However, as we near and then pass the year 2020, these Muslim factions will be isolated, contained, and eventually squeezed out of the country as it regains its traditional French footing!  This turnabout will come thanks to growing power of local and regional governments throughout France that will begin in 2017. This transfer of power back to the people will allow them to make decisions free from the European Union, and the Nazi technocrats that control it.

Yes, there could be a #FREXIT coming soon to this lovely country!  I'd say as soon as 2017.  Once the incompetent, meddling, bureaucrats in Brussels are frozen out, a new French Spring will reign, making the decade of the 2020's among the happiest and most prosperous for the French people.

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