Psychic Prediction Update: "Summer of Chaos" for France Underway (As Predicted)

France is under attack (again) by Brussels...errrr...."terrorists."

If you read my blog posts, you might recall this recent post dated where I predicted the following:

(I wrote):
"While it is difficult for me to pinpoint just ONE terrorist attack that will spring out of this group, I will say that this will be the "Summer of Chaos" for France!   They'll find themselves tackling one illegal immigration and terrorism threat, one right after another almost all summer long!"

And, here we are! France has had yet another terrorist attack in Nice just yesterday.

When will all this end?

Sadly, this is just the beginning for France, but rest assured, authorities are plotting their revenge.  They suspect that Brussels might have something to do with this, too, so don't look for an immediate retaliation against a Middle Eastern country like Syria.

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