Psychic Prediction Update: Hillary Clinton's Troubles Aren't Over

If you watched my Youtube video about the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, you'll see that I predicted that Hillary Clinton will secure her party's nomination in July, but legal troubles kick in right before the election.  With the latest announcement by the FBI that they're not "recommending" that charges be leveled against her for maintaining a private server, they've shifted the decision to indict to the Department of Justice, and in particular Clinton crony, Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. Many are interpreting this action to mean that Clinton is out of the woods.
Hillary Clinton is smiling now, but her legal
woes aren't over!

Was my prediction wrong?  I don't think so!  Try as hard as they will, the Clinton's can't continue to sweep the truth about Clinton's illicit dealings while holding federal office under the rug for long. The crimes (and, yes, I'm using the big C word here) are too big to hide, and this could lead to major problems for Loretta Lynch if she continues to go along with the Clintons.  Check out my original prediction video for timeframes to look for.

So, what are the Clintons hiding?  There's oh so much here, but the biggest thing that pops out for me personally are the private arms deals that they and their friends have been profiting from for years.  This is particularly ironic in light of their big push for more gun control with the end goal being to disarm the American people!

If you've checked out the current issue of The Star Prophet Magazine (available on Amazon for single issue purchase or by subscription here), you'll see that I've predicted that Hillary's legal problems aren't over. They will extend well in to 2017.

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