Psychic Prediction: The Truth about Princess Diana's Mysterious Death

Lady Diana--or Princess Diana as she is widely remembered--died in a mysterious car crash on August 31, 1997, nearly a two decades ago.  Many remember her death as if it were just yesterday.  Even today, the question as to whether she died by accident or by murder still lingers.

In this month's issue of The Star Prophet magazine, we explore what really went on behind castle doors in
Pictured: The August 2016 issue
of The Star Prophet magazine.
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the House of Windsor. In a surprising twist, readers will see that Lady Di's public image did not necessarily match that of her inner and private life.  And, as one might imagine, the House of Windsor has their own secret life, too!

Looking forward:  Kate Middleton, now Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, married to Lady Diana's eldest son, appears to be off on good footing with the Royals and the public at large, but will she, like her mother-in-law Diana, meet a tragic end at the hands of the House of Windsor? 

Pictured: Kate Middleton (2014)

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