Take a Look at Your Future, America & Be Afraid...be Very Afraid

When I originally distributed The Star Prophet Magazine in print in the Northeastern U.S. several years ago, (and subsequently signed a distribution deal with one of Boston's two biggest newspapers!), I had predicted that in 2018, a giant, "economic", dead zone in the Northeast would occur.  Since then, I have come to believe that this "dead zone" will be a literal one, thanks to the impending WOMD strike that the Israelis will trick Russia in to taking against us as a final measure towards global domination.

Looking ahead, I believe both of these predictions are going to occur. That is, thanks to a deal that Obama has secretly signed with the IMF, we, like Venezuela will fall in to hard times...very, VERY hard times!

Check out this op-ed piece on Youtube that highlights some of the things that I believe will be coming to AmeriKa, as soon as 2017, and most certainly in 2018.  I thoroughly expect the elite-- the same kind of narcissists and psychopaths who dine on steak tartar and drink champagne while people feed on their pets--will be shaking their heads in disdain for EBT card holders, and good old-fashioned working folk face escalating food, energy and housing costs.

To read more about what I think is in store for Venezuela, check out the current issue of The Star Prophet (available by subscription on Gumroad, or as a single copy purchase on Amazon).  In the next issue of TSP, you'll read more about the elite, and the dark road that they're taking us down as we head into 2018.

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