Psychic Predictions: Rich People Laugh at Working Men & Women (Champagne Socialism)

If you wonder what the TTP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and especially the TTIP (Trans Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership) are all about, take a look at these wealthy individuals mocking European fishermen. Thanks to globalist "free trade" policies like the TTP/TTIP (spearheaded by the European Elite who have successfully infiltrated America's politics and banking system since WW2), the livelihood of these working men and women has been stripped away, thanks to inherently anti-environment policies that allow them to over-fish and pollute the waters.
European "Champaign Socialists" mock fisherman
protesting the over-fishing of their waters,
and destruction of their livelihoods by the
European Elite (EU).

The TTP/TTIP, British-style "free trade" agreements are anti-environment, terraforming, that will leave destruction, chaos, starvation and war in its wake.  And, all for the benefit of the wealthy (especially European) elite.

This is a critical month for the European Union as Great Britain votes to leave (or stay within) the European Union.  Greece (Grexit) has already expressed its desire to leave the EU with its new agreements with Russia.  Italy will slowly leave the EU, too, a process which should be complete within just a couple of years.

As the EU falls apart, these elite who already control the American banking system, and by default, our government, will shift their focus to the United States.  As I predicted in one of my Youtube video, Obama has already signed an agreement with the IMF which gives them control of our economy and financial system.  In this respect, he is one of the biggest traitors to our country, joining a list of Presidents beginning with FDR (WW2) who joined hands with the globalist, European Elite who backed Nazi Germany in their quest for a One World Order.

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