Psychic Prediction Update: Turkey Reaches out to Russia, As Predicted

In my most recent post dated June 10th, I stated:

“I expect to see the beginnings of a peace agreement between Russia and Turkey (with Iran playing a major role as well), as soon as November 2016.”

Just yesterday (June 14), RT (Russia Today) announced that Recep Erdogan (President of Turkey) has sent a letter to Vladmir Putin of Russia, congratulating him on Russia's National Day.  This is the first correspondence between the two countries since Turkey downed a Russian jet on its border in November 2015.

If my prediction holds true, the two countries' leaders could be shaking hands by November 2016, opening up a stage of cooperation that will most certainly piss off NATO and Israel...and the AmeriKan Neocons, of course.

Meanwhile, Turkey is not happy with NATO and the European Union (as I predicted, NATO has turned its back on Turkey), and it is rumored that they've sent ISIS terrorists to attack France and Brussels. (It is interesting to note that Germany was not on this list, especially in light of the pending attacks in their country which could lead to a lock-down police state!). According to one report, Turkey-backed ISIS terrorists have left Syria and are heading towards Greece where they intend to enter illegally, and without passports.

While it is difficult for me to pinpoint just ONE terrorist attack that will spring out of this group, I will say that this will be the "Summer of Chaos" for France!   They'll find themselves tackling one illegal immigration and terrorism threat, one right after another almost all summer long!

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