Psychic Prediction Update: Russia Being Goaded to War for Big Military Profits

At least two years ago, I began warning readers that Americans are being "primed for war against Russia." And, if you've paid attention, you can see the slow and steady build-up to (nuclear) war, thanks in great part to American Neocons (a nice word for ZioNazis...a sad and horrible relic from Nazi Germany and WW2) like Victoria Nuland and IMF puppets like Marco Rubio (check out the latest propaganda from Washington D.C. in the video below).

With the release of RAND corporation's latest report partially funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (a prime example of the fascist Military Industrial Complex in action), the drumming of the war beat intensifies with wild and crazy claims that the Russians could overrun the Baltic states in less than 60 hours.

Okay, that is true.  Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has operated on a shoe-string defense budget, yet has far surpassed the U.S. military (and, most certainly NATO) with its technology and overall capabilities.  This is why Russia isn't putting up with attempts by Americans and the European Elite to take over its country with another Bolshevik style (Communist) revolution, and instead, has stood firmly in its own Republic, embracing traditional Christian Orthodox values and traditions.

Russia has also been successful in shutting down the Saudi/Israeli/American/NATO invasion of Syria under the guise of fighting ISIS. Yes, they've fought back ISIS, and have even convinced America and its ally, the Kurds, to drive them out of Aleppo (fight currently underway), but their real aim was against Al Nusra (Saudi Arabia).  In turn, Russia has established a stronghold on the Mediterranean with its navy, something that is surely rubbing NATO (and clearly, the U.S.) the wrong way.

Meanwhile, NATO (and, by association, the United Patsies of America) has not taken kindly to Russia's successes, and has moved more nukes along Russia's borders.  In a show of strength (as one would expect), Russia warned NATO that if they are attacked, Europe and friends should expect the same.

This all occurred in May, the time frame within which I had predicted that NATO would put the squeeze on Russia in Syria.  Instead, NATO put the nuclear squeeze on Russia in Eastern Europe!  And wisely, Russia had moved much of its air force out of Syria ahead of May (March/April), refocusing it's attention to the Eastern European (Ukraine, etc.) front.  Russia also appears to have developed a deal with the Kurds (as predicted in my Youtube video), who are now fighting alongside Russian and American forces in Aleppo, an ISIS stronghold!

What's next for Russia, NATO and the Americans?
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First of all, Russia and the Kurds will find Aleppo to be a "hard nut to crack." That is, they'll have a really hard time driving out ISIS forces, thanks to the fact that NATO by proxy of Israel has taken over control (and funding) of ISIS, and is determined to keep Aleppo as a major hub for their Syrian activities.  Watch for extended fighting in that area, at least through the end of the year (more updates to come).

Turkey & Iran:
Recep Erdogan of Turkey, who has been funneling money between ISIS and the European banks will be anxious to make amends with its Russian neighbors. I expect to see the beginnings of a peace agreement between Russia and Turkey (with Iran playing a major role as well), as soon as November 2016. This is sure to enrage NATO and the Israelis, but there's not much they can do this year. However, this will change in 2017.

Ukraine & Eastern Europe:
As much as I'd like to see Russia kick NATO's butt in Eastern Europe as they have in Syria, they really are not building up forces along their borders as one would be led to believe.  There are no plans to 'invade' any of the Baltic states either!  So, any money spent on building up arms in those regions will go to major corporations like RAND who profit from war (not peace)...all at the expense of the American taxpayer.

In general, it is very entertaining to watch the American Neocons (ZioNazis), and NATO/Israel goad Russia in to war, but to no avail. Russia just keeps on winning!  Under Putin's keen guidance and foresight, he's kept his military expenditures and losses to a bare minimum. Plus, he's managed to broker a deal with Greece (Grexit), the Kurds, and will soon do so with Turkey. Russia has even proposed to develop Israel's Leviathan oil/gas fields!

I guess that these "aggressions" should outrage the ZioNazis whose sole strategy is one of destruction and chaos.  But, if they're pissed off, I really don't care. It's time for peace, and if Putin has outwitted the ZioNazis and the Empire of Chaos, then he deserves praise, not war. Period.

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