Psychic Prediction Update: Post Communist Russia & the Empires of the Future

If you've seen my Youtube "short" titled the Empires of the Future, you'll see that post-communist Russia, not America in its current form, is among the list. Despite all the sanctions by foreign nations against Russia and the rubel, Russians have shown true grit, and buckled down, creating a revival of domestic manufacturing and farming.

And, while American cities are running out of money, drinking poisoned water, and experiencing corruption on a massive scale, Moscow is adding more amenities for its residence.  Among them are the use of free gym equipment and exercise classes of all kinds throughout the city.  Check out the video, above.

It seems that while the European elite and their AmeriKan minions who have betrayed America with their  foreign run currency and banking system, as well as globalist policies and trade deals like the TTP and TTIP (co-crafted with the same European elite whose EU has run Europe in to the ground), Russia has learned the lessons of a similar form of communism, and is driving forward with a very American philosophy.

Will we ever get the real, pre WW2 America back? Yes, one day, but it won't be thanks to the likes of the corrupt federal government as we now know it.  Check out my video that outlines the timeline for the emergence of what I call "Texifornia."

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