Psychic Prediction Update: Britain & Scotland Threaten Second EU Referendum

This week's vote by Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland...did I miss anyone?) was a huge victory for small businesses and individuals alike, but big billionaires suffered massive losses across the world ("ROTFLMAO" is my response!)
Pictured: EU Headquarters in Brussels. Is there any doubt
that the old European elite (royalty, banksters) control Europe?

With this in mind, is it any wonder that the elite are threatening a second referendum?

Now, I understand why I've 'waffled' on my original prediction (almost 2 years ago now) that Britain would be leaving the EU in 2016. And, if you've read my latest update, you can see that no matter what, Brussels will do its best to punish Great Britain for its audacity to demand its sovereignty back!

And, people actually fall for this stuff!  With my predictions that humanity will end in less than 300 years, I have to wonder whether it isn't the ignorant masses who are more dangerous than the elite?  It's a toss-up, actually.

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