Psychic Prediction: Donald Trump NO Globalist, but Obama Has Already Sold Us Out!

I am worried...very worried about Donald Trump.  Not because I think he's a bad candidate for U.S. President, but because he has clearly demonstrated himself to be a NON-globalist with his latest statements about the Brexit.  This places Trump in the cross-hairs of the European elite who control the U.S. economy through the Federal Reserve, and soon, with an IMF "bailout" that Obama has secretly co-signed with them.

Case in point: While opening a golf course in Scotland, Trump praised Great Britain for its bravery in voting for leaving the European Union. And, as many have predicted (including myself), many other countries will soon leave the crippling EU as well.

Contrast Trump with President Obama who was campaigning hard for Britain to stay in the European Union.  With this move, Obama proved once and for all, that he is a globalist puppet, and the primary control of globalization is stemming out of Europe (from the European elite, to be exact).

I cannot emphasize enough that Obama has sold out the United States, and with the next American presidential election, no matter who wins, the European elite will seize control of our country, in much the same way that they have done so over Europe.  Just look at what has happened to Europe! What an utter mess with high unemployment, and the Chinese takeover of just about all of their manufacturing and small businesses.

What's next?  Clearly the European elite will become even more desperate to maintain their grasp on the idea of a One World Order, but support for the EU will continue to dwindle. And, while they will complete their infiltration of the United States government in 2017, and even impose martial law in some areas by June of next year, they will become desperate as their plans to immobilize Russia are thwarted by the Americans.  And, as I've predicted over and over again over the last several years, it will lead to desperate measures on their part by 2018.

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