End of Humanity Prediction? Stephen Hawking Shares My Concern

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and especially destructive technologies as engineered by the global war machine, poses the greatest threat to humanity.  What's worse, is human narcissism, which has reached an epidemic level (1 in 8 Americans are now narcissists!)

Narcissism isn't about self love, but rather self-loathing. I have a favorite saying that I made up after working with several narcissists as clients and that is, "You can always tell a narcissist, but you can't tell them a damn thing!" They are stupid and greedy, and have no concern (compassion) whatsoever for their fellow human beings. As a matter of fact, they have a subconscious drive to control and destroy everything in their sight under the guise of "Saving humanity," or some such nonsense.

Narcissists thrive on social media which gives them a never-ending abundance of narcissistic supply.

The very near cousin of the narcissist is the psychopath.  The key difference between the two is that once a psychopath is done using someone, they will toss them out (kill them, if possible), while a narcissist strives for never-ending control.  Neither of these two personality types is very intelligent, but they tend to work their way in to positions of power by using others. Or worse yet, as is the case with European Royalty and children of elites in any country, they're born in to them!

You'll see in my previous posts and Youtube "short" that I've mentioned that I foresee humanity being snuffed out within less than 300 years.  Recently, Stephen Hawking echoed my concerns in an interview with Larry King.

 “Mankind is in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity," said Hawking.
Pictured: A much younger Hawking
in the 1980's.

Hawking also expressed his concerns over the growing human population, but in this case, I disagree that population explosion will be the key problem.  The population growth rate is on the decline, although overall population continues to grow. However, there will be a massive decline overall within 50 years or less.   And, intelligent Mother Nature, will do her best to explode population within 100-200 years in anticipation of the coming demise of the human race (and all creatures on earth, for that matter).

What can be done? There's not really much that can be done to change our fate here on earth, as recent events have sealed the deal on our demise. I will be detailing these events and the warning signs to look for in an upcoming book.

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