The Fix is In: Presidential Predictions Update (Paul Ryan)

If you've viewed my latest Youtube prediction video, you know that I believe that the Republicans plan to slide Paul Ryan in to the Presidency "by hook or by crook." Even if it means literally LOCKING Trump and his people out of the Republican Convention in July!

Following Trumps definitive win in Indiana, and the drop-out of contenders Kasich and Cruz for the Republican nominee, Trump has become the "presumptive nominee" for everyone EXCEPT the Republican establishment elite!
Pictured: Presidential candidate Donald Trump (left)
and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

There is a growing list of the near-100 elite Republican insiders, including Paul Ryan himself, who are refusing to back Trump. From this point forward, until the corrupt Republican convention, expect this to be the main source of discussion in the lamestream news.  So much for taking down Hillary Clinton, but that will come later, when she's indicted and loses her last chance for the Presidency.

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