The Chinese Take-Over of Italy: Say Ba'bye to Fine, Designer Goods

I spent three months in Milan, Italy last year, and got an earful from my new Italian friends about their government and the Chinese. It seems that the ECB/EU puppets that have taken over the country, so rich from its amazing manufacturing base that is the envy of the world, have sold the Italians out to the Chinese. 

Case in point: While the Italians are enjoying 75% tax rates, the Chinese get a five year TAX BREAK, complements of the two, corrupt governments. This gives them a huge leg up when purchasing an Italian business.

The Chinese have also brokered manufacturing deals on those "MADE IN ITALY" high quality, designer garments that the Italians have worked for centuries to master. They're now manufactured in China, and sent to Italy where their "Made in Italy" tags are sewn in. VERSACE is one of the worst culprits, but I suspect every other major designer now does, or is planning to do the same thing. 

And now, during their annual trips to Italy to steal the designs of the top fashion shops (yes, they do this, and it is the biggest joke amongst the Italians), the Chinese are now accompanied by their very own body guards, financed, I would imagine, by the Italian citizens who enjoy massive unemployment rates.

When in Milan, it sickened me to see the small cafes previously owned by Italians now owned by Chinese. I didn't go to Italy to see the f@cking Chinese! China was the first foreign country I visited when I was younger. It was a craphole then, and it's even worse now. They bring nothing to the global table in terms of technology, creativity or culture. Their products truly 'suck', especially compared to those of the Italians.  

They only thing that the Chinese bring to the table is strong-arm negotiation tactics, deceit, and thievery. Oh, and a police force that they're happy to prance around the globe, apparently in an effort to flex their political will.

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