Psychic Prediction Update: Paul Ryan Being Groomed for President (Saudi Visit)

If you saw my original prediction about the 2016 President Election, I encouraged everyone to not vote, quite frankly, because it won't matter anyway!  In my latest update, I noted that the Republican Party has already decided to inject Paul Ryan in as their Presidential candidate, no matter what happens with Donald Trump in the primaries.

(I wrote:)
Now there are rumors that even Ted Cruz could be bumped out of the Republican nominee position by none other than Paul Ryan.  I believe that this is a very strong probability, especially since Hillary Clinton could win the popular vote, and Cruz can't even touch her. However, her legal problems could lead to her replacement as well, if not during the election, then afterwards.

If you haven't noticed, Paul Ryan recently met with the Saudis to discuss, I assume, their threat to unleash billions of dollars of bonds on the market, thereby crashing the economy (which would never happen in my estimation as the Saudis are 'stuck' with their bonds, and there's no way for them to unload them!)  The threat comes upon rumors that the U.S. public is demanding that the truth about the Saudi involvement in 9/11 be released.
Pictured: The imbecile King Salman of Saudi Arabia
meets with Republican Presidential 'nominee'
in early April. 

Clearly, Ryan is being 'groomed' for the Presidency.  So, to put it quite simply: Your vote doesn't matter. Period.

To make matters worse, Obama has already cut a secret deal with the IMF who will be swooping in to America in 2017 with a bag full of "Obama-phone-like" goodies to appease the masses ("Let Them Eat Cake") while the elite stuff their pockets with American assets.  As part of the deal, many politicians who have already been bought off, will have their pockets stuffed with Zimbabwe style, IMF-issued money, and key positions within the Federal government will be staffed with IMF shills.

The moral of this story? You no longer own America, so suck up. It goes downhill from here, no matter who is placed in the White House by the elite.

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