Born In To Slavery. Saudi Women Beg for Westernization, but No One's Listening

I stumbled across this video of women in burkas attempting to eat spaghetti. While on the one hand, this is shocking for onlookers (check out the man in the background), it is at the same time, one of the saddest things I've ever witnessed.

It is especially horrific in light of the hidden truth about Saudi Arabia.  That is, the women there are quietly praying for Westernization, and the same rights women in America and Europe have enjoyed after decades of fighting for them.  Unfortunately, no one seems to be listening...except for the radical left who would shout down anyone who demands the world stand up for the human rights of all.

In Saudi Arabia, a woman who refuses to wear a burka, travel on her own, hold a job, or simply speak out is beheaded, lashed and thrown in to prison where she'll receive no medical care (which means a slow and painful death), or buried up to her neck, and then stoned.  It is horrible and Medieval.

The future for women in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia will grow even more grim as the years go on.  As the Saudi Royal Family regime slowly runs out of money (their oil and gas fields are already drying up), I expect men throughout that region to continue beheading women and children until they create a situation where their population simply evaporates in to the dry, desert air.

One could argue that "These women get what they deserve," and "If they want freedom so bad, why don't they fight for it?" Easier said and done when your locked in to countries where religion and state are one and the same.  The only way out is death, and no one deserves that!  By not speaking up against this form of slavery, the world literally consigns women like these to a horrible, life-long death.

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