Psychic Predictions Update: McDonalds Factory Farm GMO Horror Show Almost Over

Reading over McDonald's glowing financial reports, it's hard to imagine that the company is struggling.  Even in light of the 500 store closures announced for 2016, McDonald's representatives continue to paint a rosy picture of the corporation's financial health.
Image from Infowars.

But, I continue to stick by my February 2015 prediction that McDonalds will be "McOver" by 2017.  I could even see the stock trading in the $40 range by February 2017 (compare this to today's trading price of $127.53 per share, Symbol: MCD).

I'm not sure that there will be a big take-over of McDonalds in 2017, but rather, a major downsizing, as investors refuse to pull up stake of what's left of their American business.  The corporation is already trying to expand in to new markets around the world, and may have successes in Russia, at least for a few years. Their initiatives in Japan have been a failure, and their China expansion will be limited.

So, good-bye and good riddance to the nightmare of McDonalds. Let's hope that small businesses around the country move in quickly to pick up the slack, providing humane and healthy alternatives to their unhealthy and overpriced swill.

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