Psychic Prediction Update: NATO & Turkey

Just in case you haven't figure it out: Turkey, in alliance with Saudi Arabia and Qatar (among some lesser players) has been the finance conduit for the European Union (IMF) transferring money back and forth between ISIS and Europe.  Thanks to Russia, it has been revealed that Turkey is quite actively involved in the theft of oil, gas and antiquities from Iraq (America) and Syria.  Turkey then launders their money through European banks.

Most recently, it has also been revealed that Erdogan, the 'president' of Turkey, has been paying for the mass migration of immigrants in to Europe, which has brought along with them, an influx of terrorism.  Erdogan is pressuring the EU for membership with threats of sending even more, but Europeans are not having it.

However, as I recently predicted in late March, the European Union (IMF) has turned its back on Turkey, although they will appear to appease the man at first:

"For now, Erdogan has Brussel's attention. Over the next month or two Europe will appear to appease the man by continuing to shelter the very immigrants that his ISIS fighters forced in to fleeing their own countries for safer grounds. However, Erdogan's days appear to be numbered, and while I don't think there'll be an overthrow of his regime in 2016, by early 2017, he could be feeling the pain. This thanks to his many neighbors including the Kurds who would be more than happy to take revenge on this man who has caused their people so much pain and suffering."

Sure enough, Chancellor Merkel of Germany recently visited Turkey to show her support for Turkey, and in particular the way they've been handling refugees from war-torn areas in the Middle East.  However, there is so much public pressure against Merkel back in Germany, and mounting security issues thanks to the Islamic State radicals invading the region, that Merkel and all of her European friends, will be forced to back away from Turkey, once and for all.

And, as noted in my Youtube channel, the IMF/EU consortium has their own plans for Syria and the Middle East, starting with knocking out Syria with a major attack. This attack could be nuclear, and may come as soon as May.


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