Psychic Prediction: Obama's Secret Meeting with Fed Chair Janet Yellen (aka The Fed v The IMF)

Janet Yellen has been called many things by her critics, but I'm impressed by her strong intuition, and ability to take a pro-active role in this central bank, centrally-managed economy game.

Yes, it's all a game...a shell game to be more precise.  The Federal Reserve, of which Yellen is the Chairman, having taken over for the utterly inept, lazy, metrosexual, narcissistic sloth known as Ben Bernanke,seems to have taken control over the U.S. economy (or, stock market to be more exact) which should have crashed and burned by now.  Under her quiet and careful guidance, the stock market did NOT crash in February as I predicted, and instead, has been carefully and skillfully propped up for all to see (and the wealthy to continue enjoy)!

Her ability to "Know when to hold-em, and know when to fold-em" when it comes to printing more U.S. dollars to loan in to existence, hiding said fiat-currency in the complex web of financial fraud (derivatives) that the Fed has co-constructed with individuals and entities across the globe, or simply erasing them from existence is uncanny!  This woman really want to succeed at her job, and spends many an hour every week praying to our Lord Jesus Christ for assistance, despite the fact that she's a declared Jew! (Yes, I just wrote that and believe every word of it! The woman is a closeted Christian).  

Note: TheMacroTourist has a much more...shall we say, PC way of stating what I just wrote above. Here's what s/he says:

"I know everyone thinks Janet is some sort of super dove, but if you examine her track record since taking office as the head of the Federal Reserve in February of 2014, she has done nothing but tighten. She held fast with the tapering of QE, ushering in the eventual end of Federal Reserve balance sheet expansion by the summer of 2014. She introduced programs to soak liquidity out of the system through reverse repos and term deposit auction securities. Since taking office, the US 2 year note yield has risen from a little under 0.30% to almost 1%."

So, I'm not the only one who believes this little engine that could (Yellen) has the magic touch when it comes to all of this central planning thing.  But, what does the U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and his nitwit lackey VP Joe Biden have to say about all of this? Just exactly what went on behind closed doors in their recent 'secret' meetings?

Janet Yellen certainly does not have good news for the President and Biden. However, she would have come prepared with a variety of well-planned options for the President if he were one to take decisive and pro-active action.  Still, Yellen will be disappointed if she's expecting any level of cooperation from the arrogant idiots running the White House. Instead of listening to the astute Yellen's suggestions, which will help the U.S. retain its sovereignty, The White House has already cut a secret deal with Christine Lagarde, the French Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), who will soon assume control of the U.S. currency, government, and the whole U.S. economy for that matter.

Once this deal goes in to effect (2017 it all begins), Lagarde, a long-time nemesis of Yellen's, will throw everyone and the kitchen sink (including Yellen at some point) "under the bus", or so to speak, in her organization's quest to rule the world. This take-over of the U.S. will come in the form of what I imagine to be some sort of SDR, or revaluation of the U.S. dollar which gives the elite, and in particular the European Elite, a hefty gift basket of U.S. wealth...all for the asking!

Yes, you heard me. The Obama Administration has and will sell-out the American public, and The Federal Reserve, by transferring all of our wealth to the European Elite. The secret agreement is already in play.

So, Fuck Lagarde, and cheer on Yellen who is about to have a big, hot, smoking poker rammed up her butt for all her hard work and brilliance! After all, if we're going to sit back and let a central bank-managed world eat away at our country and our liberty, then it should be Yellen at the helm, and not some smug, Chanel-bathed, arrogant, shriveled up French bitch like Lagarde (IMO).

Special Bonus (thank you TheMacroTourist):

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