Psychic Prediction: European Elite Controls America? Here's Proof

In at least two of my Youtube channel predictions, I pointed to the European Elite as being the key figures behind much of the world's troubles today.  I've even gone so far to predict that with the placement of their puppet president in the United States after the next election, their control of our economy and government will be complete.

Many have accused the United States of being the ruling trouble-makers in the world.  And yes, while this is partially true, we are merely patsies for the European Elite. Case in point:  Check out Obama's participation in the proposed Brexit (he's against it, if you haven't guessed).

One might argue that Obama is taking some sort of visionary lead in this initiative to convince Britain's voters to stay in the European Union, but let's get real.  Obama is nothing  but a stuffed shirt--the perfect puppet for the European Elite who continue to closely advise him through a well-appointed staff of political insiders.

Remember, the European Union has been a miserable failure. The big banks have sucked the wealth from the middle classes there, leaving countries like Greece, and Italy (I would even include Germany in this list) utterly bankrupt!  They're now moving on to greener pastures right here in the United States, so every American should be watching Europe with a close eye in preparation for the new world order to come.

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