Presidential Campaign Winner? My Psychic Prediction Is Proven Correct!

If you watch the short, supplemental predictions that I post on my new Youtube channel, you'll notice that I didn't bother to name a 'winner' in the upcoming U.S. Presidential 'election' (or, as many have more aptly named it, the 'Selection'). Instead, I encouraged everyone to not vote, because, well, it just won't matter anyway!

We can see this prediction unfolding with the cancellation of popular voting for a Republican presidential nominee in key states like Colorado, where they decided to allow the delegates to select their own candidate (in this case, Bush family shill, Ted Cruz).  Pro-Trump delegates were even locked out of voting for their nominee, Trump's name was scratched from the ballots, and Ted Cruz was listed TWICE in his place.

Now there are rumors that even Ted Cruz could be bumped out of the Republican nominee position by none other than Paul Ryan.  I believe that this is a very strong probability, especially since Hillary Clinton could win the popular vote, and Cruz can't even touch her. However, her legal problems could lead to her replacement as well, if not during the election, then afterwards.

The bottom line is, it is a complete waste of time and energy to get wrapped up in this year's elections.  The whole system is rigged, and as I predicted in my Youtube channel, it just doesn't matter who wins.  What is left of our democracy will be gobbled up by the European & AmeriKan Elite in 2017 forward.  Their plan is much similar to that of Europe's: to 'privatize' America for their own personal gain, and to continue to enslave every person on this earth with insurmountable debt.

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