In Case You Missed It: Woman Who Released Obama Birth Certificate Dies Mysteriously

I don't own a television and don't use Facebook, which is a deliberate attempt to avoid brainwashing.  Doing so has really helped me increase the accuracy (I believe) of my predictions. I also notice that I am far less 'radicalized' as compared to friends and family who chow down on these forms of media as if they're at a Chinese all-you-can eat buffet!

So, occasionally, I miss things. Like, for example, the mysterious death of Loretta Fuddy in 2013. Fuddy was the Hawaiian administrator who released President Obama's long form birth certificate.  She was the sole death in a plane crash off the coast of Hawaii.

How did I find out about this? When I take a break from my work, I enjoy watching Youtube videos.  A few days ago, I stumbled across this little video on Youtube titled "25 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever."  Check it out around 2:18, and you'll see a picture of a man taking a selfie of himself. He's wearing a floatation vest, floating in the ocean, with a plane sinking in the background. The man is (kind of) smiling, wearing a U.S. Marshal hat, and did I mention, HE'S TAKING A FRICKIN' SELFIE!

What is weird about this?

Oh, so many things!

Just think about it: If you're swimming in the open ocean after a plane crash, would you be taking a selfie?  If he is/was really a Federal Marshal, wouldn't he be swimming back to that plane to attempt a rescue of the one woman left behind inside? Why did this man feel compelled to put on his hat? Wouldn't it be more probable that the hat would have been washed away in a water landing crash? And, what are the odds that his camera is waterproof?

Part of my accuracy in doing predictions is being an 'astute observer of the obvious,' and I naturally question everything. I've always been that way.  If you've been brainwashed by the media, your pre-programmed brain is already shouting "conspiracy theorist!"  But, if you're more practical, and exercise critical thinking on a daily basis, your brain should already be asking questions.

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