Psychic Prediction: NATO, Turkey and the United Patsies of America

I recently ran into a friend of mine who lives between Spain, the U.K. and of all places, North Carolina (USA), and we had a brief conversation about Europe's immigration problems. But, to my surprise he pointed out the REAL problems in Europe: The Turkish and Chinese mafias!

On March 22, 2016, 'terrorists' murdered civilians at major transportation hubs throughout Brussels, the capital city of the European Union.  Could it be that the Turkish mafias, run by none other than President Erdogan of Turkey himself played a hand in all of this? 

And, if so, then why would Erdogan threaten and then attack NATO/The European Union and not the United States?

I've heard it said that the United States is in charge of NATO, but if you've watched my recent Youtube video, you know that I believe that NATO commanders keep the Americans on a "need to know basis."

And, as I've outlined in previous posts, NATO turned its back on Turkey following their gunning down of the Russian fighter jet earlier this year. And, it's no secret that Erdogan, NATO's perfect puppet, has had aspirations to join the European Union...a dream that will remain such for the rest of Erdogan's short career in politics.

For now, Erdogan has Brussel's attention. Over the next month or two Europe will appear to appease the man by continuing to shelter the very immigrants that his ISIS fighters forced in to fleeing their own countries for safer grounds. However, Erdogan's days appear to be numbered, and while I don't think there'll be an overthrow of his regime in 2016, by early 2017, he could be feeling the pain. This thanks to his many neighbors including the Kurds who would be more than happy to take revenge on this man who has caused their people so much pain and suffering.

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Odin said...

It is not that simple in Europe. Russian mafia in Eastern Europe, Colombian/Mexican mafia in Spain, some arabs, persian + morocco, nigerian mafia.....

Parfait Recipes said...

First time reading this blog thanks for sharing