Middle East Update: Mayday for Russia & Syria! Nuclear war? Psychic Predictions

In late February, the U.S. and Russia announced a partial cease-fire in Syria. The move was followed by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announcing that if the cease fire failed, he would move towards a “Plan B” that could involve a partition of Syria.

So far, the ceasefire has held.  Kerry has never produced details of his mythical Plan B which I personally believe never existed.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East…

President Erdogan of Turkey, an unabashed backer of ISIS, kleptocrat, and European Union wannabe has his own plans for Syria.  If you’ve read my previous posts on the man, you’ll know that I believe Erdogan is a money-grubbing sleaze-bag, closeted homosexual, and is married to one of the most evil women in the world who has a lust for torture and blood-letting.

Turkey is clearly aligned with the Saudis, whose al-Nusra (Al Qaeda on steroids) Front—the real “ISIS” in Syria—has been pinned down by Russian forces.  This has choked the flow of illicit drug, human trafficking, and oil money into the EU via Turkey who has enjoyed a cozy, money-laundering relationship with some of Europe’s biggest banks for years.

The dim-witted Saudis are the puppets of Israel who, along with European Castle Dwellers (and their bankers) who truly control NATO, have their own plans for the Middle East. NATO keeps the Americans on a “need to know” basis.  And, despite stepping back from Turkey’s aggressive stance against Syria and the Russians, have instead been waiting for the right timing to move in and shut down Syria on their own terms.

I believe that NATO, acting independent of the United States, will bomb Syria & the Russian army in May.  And, when I say “independent,” I mean that NATO commanders in charge of strategic and tactical warfare have not and will not consult with the Americans, but rather, give them some warning (not much) that bombs are on the way in MAY!

And yes, I believe that the attack could be nuclear, given the scale of the damage.

This will cripple the Russians, at least in the short term, and open the door for the Israelis to attempt a takeover of the Syrian government.

It all leaves Syria in an absolute mess!  Nonetheless, if anyone—NATO, the Israelis, or the Americans –are thinking that they’ll end up with a clean ‘partition’ of Syria, they’re in for a very long wait.  Likewise, NATO’s efforts will be stalled as they learn that the Russian wall of defense is almost impenetrable, even after a major bombing attack, thanks to their strong naval presence, and accessibility to Russian military bases.

Another contributing factor to Russia’s success will be their accord with the Kurds which should be struck by April, just in time for the May bombing. The Kurds really have a stronghold on the border of Turkey and Syria, and it will only grow stronger and even more organized after May.  And, if you’re looking for another ally of theirs to give credit…DON’T. The Kurds are pretty amazing when it comes to warfare, and they should take all of the credit for shutting down the Turks/ISIS.

Still, as noted above, Syria remains a war zone for the next several years, but I would estimate that within a decade, they could restore friendly relations with all of their neighbors, creating a dynamic economic hub in the Middle East.  I would even go so far to say that by 2019, the Kurds could have their own territory in Syria and be recognized as a sovereign state.

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