Monday, December 19, 2016

2017: The Year Ahead for Hillary & Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner

Happy holidays!

If you haven't viewed my latest Youtube video prediction about the future of the Clintons and former Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, check it out:

While April of 2017 is a critical time for Huma Abedin, note that the Clintons are busy manufacturing her demise a little earlier than expected (Merry Christmas, Huma!). And, while they're busy doing that, they've also been manufacturing a war with Russia, blaming Putin and friends for Hillary's sordid email trail that was leaked to the public by a DNC insider (who was later brutally murdered, mind you).

Ah yes! Just another day in American politics!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Celebrity Psychic Predictions: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Be sure to visit my Youtube channel to get my take on the real reason Brad and Angelina split!

Check it out, and feel free to post your own requests for celeb insights. We want to learn more about your favorite celebrities from around the world--Brazil, India, China, Russia, Italy, France, Great Britain and more!

Up next? Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga! Stay tuned...

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jill Stein's Recount & Delegate Vote in December-Trump Election in Jeopardy?

Apparently I'm not the only one who believes that the upcoming electoral college official "vote" to decide the presidency on December 19, 2016 could delay the official election of Donald J. Trump!

Listen to this X22 report on the subject, and also note that he comments about the Houthis in Yemen which is a topic I've touched on in previous posts, and also in this month's issue of The Star Prophet Magazine.

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Pictured: The December 2016 issue
of The Star Prophet magazine is
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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Presidential Election Update: Still Not Over? Trump, Clinton, Pizzagate

It appears as if George Soros’ pre-election threat during a Bloomberg interview to use the electoral college to secure a Hillary Clinton victory is one step closer to being realized.

According to the Epoch Times:

“Several prominent members of the Electoral College are planning a “revolt” against President-elect Donald Trump—a long-shot move to prevent him being officially elected.

Each member of the Electoral College will have to cast an official ballot for the president on Dec. 19. But at least six Democratic electors are trying to deny Trump from winning an Electoral College majority in an attempt to block Trump and undermine the Electoral College’s legitimacy.

The six “faithless electors,” as they’re called, have vowed to cast ballots that don’t align with the popular vote in their respective states in an effort to persuade Republicans to vote against Trump.

“The Founding Fathers created the Electoral College as the last line of defense, and I think we must do all that we can to ensure that we have a Reasonable Republican candidate who shares our American values,” Michael Baca, an elector, said in a statement.”

If you watched my pre-election Youtube video, you know that I predicted that there would be no election winner until April of 2017.  In a subsequent video, I also predicted that there will be an assassination attempt against Donald Trump as soon as early January.

Now, if the electoral college manages to reduce their votes for Donald Trump below the 270 votes required to officially win the presidency, he is screwed.  But, that does not guarantee that Hillary Clinton will win enough votes to hit the minimum 270 either!

This means that there will be NO WINNER (as predicted) until the House of Representatives, led by Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, decides who the president will be!  And, if there’s agreement between both parties that neither Trump or Clinton is fit to lead the country, will that mean Paul Ryan, the next in line anyway, will be the President (as I predicted previously)?  We’ll have to wait and see because this one’s just too tough to call!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Erdogan (Turkey) and Putin (Russia) Agreement Update: Psychic Predictions

Just a quick update on my previous prediction that Erdogan and Putin will be "shaking hands" by November. My timing was off a little early as the two countries inked a renewed pipeline deal in October!

Check out the full story here, and my original prediction here.
Pictured: Presidents Putin and Erdogan of
Russia and Turkey, respectively.

Please note that despite the fact that Erdogan is busy negotiating deals with prominent neighbors like Russia, he and his radical cronies are busy alienating the citizens of Turkey. For example, Turkey's government just withdrew a controversial bill that would have granted amnesty to men convicted of child sex assault if they married their victims!  Fortunately, there was/is much popular opposition in the country, especially from women's rights organizations.

If my updated predictions about the recent coup in Turkey being squashed for the time being (as so it has), only to be followed by Erdogan's ouster in early 2017 (February timeframe) proves true, Turks (and Kurds) will be staring down a much brighter future in the years ahead!  That is, unless they fail to push back Iran's growing influence over their country (which, they should have no problem doing thanks to a "buffer" zone of sorts provided by the Kurds).

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Obamacare Prediction Update 2017: It Just Won't Die! (Where's a Death Panel When You Need One?)

At the end of 2015 when I posted my predictions for 2016 that included the imminent demise of Obamacare, many Americans were still accepting it as the status quo. As predicted, 2016 was a disastrous year for Obamacare, and Americans are outraged at the dramatic increases in premiums accompanied by higher deductions for less care.

Looking back, here's what I predicted:

"Obamacare 2016:
Obamacare really brings nothing to the table in terms of true economic growth, and as a matter of fact, is a real economy job killer, despite the fact that it has created many short-term, valueless jobs, which the government has used to boost employment figures.  These Obamacare-related jobs will swell to an amazing peak in early 2016, then stop dead in their tracks around June of 2016.  This will prove those who have warned against the dangers of Obamacare to our economy to be absolutely right!"

So, what's next for Obamacare? Will Trump and the Republicans be able to repeal and replace it with something new, like simple prepaid medical plans and affordable insurance for catastrophic care, perhaps with refinements to the existing Medicare system?
Obamacare proponents quietly mocked the
ignorance of Americans for believing that
Obamacare was anything more than an
incredible tax hike on Middle Class

Obamacare just won't die in 2017, despite a special committee(s) designed just for the purpose of killing and replacing it. Honestly, the central banks and multinational corporations that benefit from this fascist business model are so deeply embedded in the U.S. federal government, that despite having both a House and Senate that are Republican, along with a Republican (in name) President, this initiative just goes no where fast!  

The danger to the economy and in particular the healthcare industry if Obamacare continues on much longer is obvious, but the good news is that the Federal government as we know it is about to change for the better!

Friday, November 18, 2016

U.S. Sends 600 Containers of Ammo to Germany: European Civil War? WW3

Over 600 containers of ammunition have been sent by the U.S. military (Army, Air Force) to Germany.  Russian reporters have been blocked from any press conferences related to the event, raising fears that NATO countries (Europe + America) are gearing up to attack Russia.

So, what will they be used for?

The arms will never reach the Russian front and may only be trickled in to the Middle East from what I can see.  In a sad turn of events, however, they will be used to fuel war among European countries in 4-5 years time!

Yes, if you read issue 02 of The Star Prophet magazine, I pointed out that the recent #BREXIT helped Europe to avoid catastrophic war among member countries, but that doesn't mean that something bad, very bad, isn't brewing.
World War 3 among European States is a strong
probability within the next 4-5 years.

We can see the tension rising now between Great Britain, France and Germany now. Remember, France was a Nazi collaborator, and continues to be a leader in stirring up troubles in the Middle East and Africa.  However, public sentiment, like that in Great Britain and the United States, is against imperialism (read: globalism), but the powers that be have their own anti-democratic agenda.

This all hearkens back to WW2 (and, yes WW1) where our current problems started, and in particular, the Nazi-inspired One World Order.

Be sure to check out the September issue of The Star Prophet where I explain how the United States secretly backed the Nazis and globalism flourished.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump Assassination? On Second Thought, Maybe I Was Right!

Please check out my latest video on Youtube:


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Won with Clear Victory! (I was wrong, but happy about it!)

Every once in a while, I'm colossally wrong (although, I'm anxious to see why I'm not "seeing" a clear winner, and how that plays out as time draws on), but in this case, I'm happy about it. For a change, the political insiders lost (Hillary Clinton) lost the U.S. Presidential race, and the "independent" or "populous" candidate (Donald Trump) won.

But now that it's all over, there's plenty of work to be done to "drain the swamp" as Americans have demanded. Will Trump be able to do it?

To a certain extent, Trump will be able to "stir the pot" in Washington, but he's going to find it to be a harder task than he imagines. Trump will also be pressured in to going after Iran, and may not be able to make inroads in to re-building a relationship with Russia, which is perilous, to say the least.

Clinton's political career is over (as predicted), and I will be posting updated predictions for her assistant, Huma Abedin, ex-president Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and Hillary herself.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Why I Can't Predict a Presidential Winner (Hint: There May NOT "Officially" Be One Until April 2017)

Earlier this year, my boyfriend, who is a baseball fanatic, asked me who would win the World Series, and I predicted (correctly), Chicago Cubs.  The morning after the Cubbies' World Series, he asked me who would win the Presidential election, and I just shook my head, "I just can't see it!"  And, I can't see who will be sworn in either!

This got me thinking.  Maybe the reason that I can't "see" a clear picture of the country's next (elected) President is that it will be contested!

According to a recent RT interview with Julian Assange, Assange stated (I'm paraphrasing), "The big banks, multinational corporations and foreign entities will NOT allow Trump to win. They're all behind Clinton." This is a clear FACT based on the Podesta emails which are damning for the Clintons, but which have been widely ignored by the mainstream media.

If you've seen my Youtube videos on the Presidential predictions, you know that I had correctly predicted that Hillary would be "indicted" before the election and that her ongoing public trial would last through 2017 (also published in first issue of The Star Prophet, July 2016). True, as of today, we have not seen an official indictment, but big trouble is brewing and much of the establishment and her supporters have already "thrown her under the bus."  Most certainly, the American public has turned on her as evidence by recent election polls!

I will be posting a detailed Youtube video update with my "What's Next?" predictions later this evening, so stay tuned.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

CIA Insider Steve Pieczenik Just "Played" Infowars (Alex Jones) and Drudge Report

You may have heard the rumors that the CIA is claiming responsibility (or, "glory") for FBI Director James Comey coming forward with new evidence for Congress pertaining to the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.  In particular, claims of a 'counter coup' have been made by (alleged) former CIA intel officer, and author of numerous books, Steve Pieczenik, on Alex Jones' alternative news channel, Infowars, and allegedly, The Drudge Report (although I have not seen any links on today's Drudge report website to any such story, and wisely so!)

There are three (3) red flags that popped up for me when listening to Pieczenik's half truths in the conversation below that indicated to me that this is all fake:

(1) Pieczenik praises Chelsea Clinton as the person who will 'do the right thing' in all of this.  Fact is, we will soon see that Chelsea is just as corrupt and manipulative as her parents, and is a 'mini-me' to her mother, Hillary.

(2) He implies that Obama is some kind of 'good guy' in all of this. Fact is, one of the reasons Pieczenik is coming forward with this false story is to provide subterfuge for the connection between the Clintons and the Obama administration (we will soon learn that Obama's personal ties to the Clintons are closer than one might imagine at this point in time.)

(3) The truth is, it is the FBI, the NYPD, Congress (in particular Trey Gowdey) and the American people who have made this all possible, not the CROOKED AND CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT CIA!
Pictured above: Steve Pieczenik speaks
to Alex Jones of Infowars, detailing
his (imaginary) involvement in the
(mythical) "CIA Counter Coup"
to stop Crooked Hillary from
assuming control over the Federal

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Julian Assange Update: He's Alive, only "Marginalized"

I understand that there are many other psychics out there -- some who claim to be among "America's top psychics" and so on --who have predicted that Julian Assange is dead. Today, we've learned those predictions are wrong (thank God!)

In general I tend to stay away from "alive" versus "dead" predictions because I personally don't have the ability to discern between the two states of existence! However, if you look at my past predictions about Assange, I had said that he was simply "marginalized" and as it turns out, he was silenced by all kinds of dirty tactics including the Ecuadorian Embassy shutting down his Internet access!

To hear what Assange has to say to the world, watch this, and stay tuned for more pre- and post-election updates.

Donald Trump was Right: 100% Proof Digital Vote Rigging Is Happening in U.S.

When I cast my vote in the 2012 Presidential Election using our locally-provided paper ballot, I dropped it in to the slot and joked to the woman monitoring the area, "Are you sure that isn't a shredder?"  I was referencing the ballot box that did appear to be some sort of large shredder!

While it is not likely that my ballot was shredded, and that it was counted as it should have been (at least at the local level), we now know for sure that there are areas of the country where electronic voting booths have been modified to destroy or alter votes!

Thanks to the brave and clever work of the non-partisan, run nearly single-handed by Bev Harris, we now know that electronic voting machines have been rigged to count some citizens' votes more than others. It's called "fractionalized voting."

The news is spreading throughout the MSM and alternative media alike.  Epoch Times today wrote:

“Black Box Voting released a video on Oct. 31 that exposes the code found in the GEMS machines, which count votes in elections for a quarter of the United States. Investigators showed video evidence of tabulation computers being tampered with in U.S. elections.”

“The investigators also found functions on the vote-counting systems that hide alterations and code that divides whole votes into fractions.”

“In short, it’s like having the ability to say a vote is not a whole,” said Bennie Smith, a Tennessee programmer in the investigative video, who analyzed the GEMS system.

Now that these illicit voting machine modifications have been discovered, will it be possible to stop them? Yes, of course, but that does not mean that there won't be attempts to "steal" the election this time around. 

Going forward, it is important that citizens of this free country DEMAND that electronic voting machines and the systems they're attached to be decentralized to the local level and routinely audited.  Furthermore, having the option to print a copy of your ballot, or at the very least, having a digital copy sent securely to your smart phone or email address could be another option, albeit a precarious one.

In no way should "oversight" of the election process be transferred to the global elite by allowing the United Nations (U.N.) or ANY federal government authority, for that matter!  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Anthony Weiner: Email Voyeur ("What Was Weiner Planning to do with Clinton's Emails?)

According to the Daily Mail, “Huma Abedin's lawyer has thrown new confusion into the Clinton email probe - saying she never used the laptop seized by the FBI where the messages were found.”

“In a dramatic development, Abedin's newly-hired attorney claimed that the laptop was solely in the possession of the Hillary Clinton aide's ex-husband, pervert Anthony Weiner.”

What's the true story here?

Surprisingly, I tend to believe Abedin!  I really don’t think that she had any idea that her pervy hubby Weiner, was collecting emails.
Pictured: Anthony Weiner and estranged wife,
Huma Abedin.

How did he do it?  It really wasn’t that hard (pun intended!)  He simply rifled through his wife’s belongings, and managed to find Ids/passwords that gave him access to Clinton’s private emails.

What in the world was Weiner planning on doing with all of those emails? First of all, let’s just say that Weiner is a voyeur, and enjoyed spending hours rifling through other people’s dirty laundry.  Weiner was also sorting through data, and was planning to use it at a later date for blackmail purposes.

What can we learn from Weiner’s bad behavior?  As the old saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Just as concerns over Bill Clinton’s bad behaviors extending in to all levels of corruption were valid, we see the same thing happening in the Weiner household.  

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

Friday, October 28, 2016

New FBI Emails That Will Bring Down Clinton Did NOT Come from Wikileaks (As Predicted!)

In my most recent blog post, I had predicted that Wikileaks would NOT release documents that would knock Hillary Clinton out of the running for the President. In that post, I wrote:

"While Wikileaks will continue to lob bundles of incriminating information about Crooked Hillary to the alt. media, there really isn't anything that I would consider to be a "home run" in terms of finally closing the door to the White House in Clinton's smug face."

In light of this prediction, I'm not really surprised to read that it was the emails retrieved from seized devices belonging to Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin (Source: NY Post & Fox News).  According to the report, "The devices were seized after it was revealed Weiner, a former member of Congress and mayoral candidate, had been sexting with an underage girl."
Pictured: Huma Abedin, Hillary
Clinton's closest confidant, and
estranged wife of pervert
and former politician, Anthony

In light of Hillary's defense of her rapist husband, former President Bill Clinton, it is only fitting that her political career is ruined by a scumbag like Weiner!

BREAKING NEWS: FBI Re-Opens Investigation in to Hillary Clinton's Emails

It ain't over 'til it's over.

The FBI has re-opened the investigation in to Hillary Clinton's private email server. Check out my Youtube update on the story, and read an excerpt from my original prediction published in the July 2016 (Premier) issue of The Star Prophet magazine.

If you haven't read the latest issue, check it out here, or subscribe and receive the latest issue along with the Fall issue which will be available soon!

Thanks for reading/watching.

Pictured: Page 2 of the original July 2016 article concerning Hillary Clinton's future.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wikileaks Has Been "Marginalized" (As Predicted), But Will He Score a Home Run?

In a recent Youtube short, I predicted that Wikileaks would be "marginalized" and that much of their message would have limited effect on much of the American public.

Wikileaks subsequently began releasing a large series of damaging emails between members of the Clinton insiders which has certainly perked up the electorate, or at least those who have already backed her rival, Donald Trump.  However, the mainstream media (MSM) has literally "blacked out" the information, and "state actors" have shut down Wikileaks internet access!

That has not stopped Wikileaks or the alternative media who have all done a great job in disseminating information about "Crooked Hillary" that every American should hear.

Still, at this point (19 days to the election), Wikileaks' data dump has been nothing more than the equivalent of a series of small stink bombs on the Clinton campaign.  Will they ever release any information that will "hit the ball out of the park" or so to speak?  Or, at the very least, can Wikileaks make a dent in the dull and dank psyches of the die-hard Clinton supporters? 
Pictured: Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

While Wikileaks will continue to lob bundles of incriminating information about Crooked Hillary to the alt. media, there really isn't anything that I would consider to be a "home run" in terms of finally closing the door to the White House in Clinton's smug face.  I am also worried that Julian Assange of Wikileaks could be "silenced" further by the shadow government and their minions.  It is simply too important to put a complicit puppet in the White House to close the door on American democracy and our way of life once and for all.

The good news is that no matter what the outcome of this U.S. election, the wheels are in motion for a complete dismantling of the Shadow Government which has taken over America, Wall Street, and our military.  Unfortunately, these corrupt powers may choose more drastic measures to marginalize America in 2018!

Nuclear War in 2018? As Predicted Way Back in 2014! (Believe Me Now?)

"Americans are being primed for war against Russia," is what I wrote in 2014.

Yes, I began warning readers about the impending "nuclear" war between Russia and American in 2018 way back even before 2014.  If you look at my older Youtube posts on a variety of channels over the last several, I specifically said that the American politico-propaganda machine is priming Americans for a major war with Russia. One of my first Youtube videos covered the subject, too.

So here we are, and the fascist, neoconservative American traitors who have infiltrated and closely followed the Bush/Clinton/Obama regimes over the years, are pounding the war drums harder than ever, creating a sense of unease among the American and Russian public alike.

And, this sense of unease is dangerous in itself. As noted in my video, and also the latest issue of The Star Prophet magazine, such tensions are a recipe for disaster (and a major opportunity for any country smart enough to take advantage of them).  Guess who will trigger Russia's nuclear weapons system  which will take out a big chunk of the Northeastern United States?

The bottom line here is we must begin to prepare for 2018 now (I estimate the May 2018 time frame). In the meantime, I'll be outlining more signs to watch for in 2017 in the next issue of the magazine to be released at the end of October/early November (sorry, I'm behind a little with all this election stuff providing a major distraction!), so stay tuned.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

President Obama Shows Off His Erection to the Media (CNN Video)

Despite his strong showing in the second Presidential debate, and record turn-out at his rallies, Donald Trump has been losing ground against Hillary Clinton thanks to the highly coordinated efforts of the Clinton campaign and the MSM (main stream media). In particular, the media has been pounding Donald Trump for his comments about women caught on tape over a decade ago, and they've managed to slow his momentum...for now.

In light of this feigned 'morale indignation' by the Democrats, it is striking to see this video footage of President Barack Obama showing off his erection to the media on Air Force One (see video below).  Where was the indignation over this?

It's called "morale relativity" and it's a sad reflection on Americans who continue to waste their valuable time on this God's Green Earth watching CNN in the first place!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton "Dies" in Second Debate. What's Next?

By many accounts, Hillary Clinton completely lost any momentum she had gained during the first Presidential debate during the second debate.  Donald Trump came back strong, and seemed to hit almost every mark with his direct blows against the Clinton's and their sordid shenanigans.

And, while the lame main stream media, having completely lost every last ounce of credibility with their rigged debates and fake polls scrambles to save face with endless whining and mealy mouthed Trump-bashing, the Trump campaign is enjoying huge turnouts at his rallies.

There is one remaining Presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19th. Will Hillary recover in the nick of time? Or, is she destined to wallow in defeat leaving the White House to Donald Trump?

Don't expect a full recovery for Hillary during the third debate.  There is just no way that Clinton can turn the tables on Trump, as hard as her campaign will try.  Still, it's hard to predict the outcome of this 'election' given the fact that Clinton and her insiders most certainly will do their best to steal it.

And remember, even if Trump does win the Presidency, he's fighting an uphill battle against the neoconservatives and the political elite who will infiltrate the next administration with their full force and might.  Plus, Obama and friends have already signed away the country and our currency to the European elite who already run us through the Federal reserve and their affiliated central bankers.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Wells Fargo Banking Fraud Collapse Update

Back in May, I put Wells Fargo bank at the top of my list for banks to fail in 2016/2017.  If you've been paying attention, they're mired in controversy over the (illegal) fraudulent deals they concocted to prop up their business and financials.

Will top officials of this failing bank be thrown in to jail? Don't hold your breath!

Will their share price take an irreversible hit? Not with all the market manipulation (and more fraud) available to execs merely for the asking! (Note, I'm not saying that their share price hasn't taken a hit and won't take further hits, but it can be manipulated).

Will there be more downsizing of the company and mass layoffs? This is the most likely outcome (isn't it always the case?)

Hillary Clinton's Will Power Is Amazing...A Little (Lot of) Cheating Didn't Hurt

If you watched the recent debate closely, you would have noticed that Hillary Clinton struggled to keep her shaking hands under control by tightly gluing them in place on top of the podium.  She also seemed to breeze through the debate (as predicted), confirming for Democrats that all the fuss about her health issues was just a bunch of noise.

As it turns out, it now appears that Clinton was cheating the whole time.  In this video analysis, you can clearly see Clinton using hand signals with the moderator who was also wired to some sort of central control with an ear piece.  This allowed her to bring forth pre-rehearsed "zingers" which have been repeated over and over again in the lamestream media, reinforcing them in to the tiny brains of American voters.

I still stand by my prediction that Hillary could be out of this race before the election (unless, that is, she's given a giant pass for not showing up at all of the debates which is entirely possible, but not 100% certain in this crazy, corrupt world).

Meanwhile, as I predicted, Obamacare continues to crumble, shocking people with Obamacare penalties, and sharp increases in premiums coming soon to a mailbox near you!

What's more, the handover of the Internet ICANN central system to the United Nations by the United States, is sparking fears of mass, Communist-style crack-downs on dissenting views to the New World Order which has already been put in to "full speed ahead" mode by Obama.  This fact, too, supports my 2016 prediction that free speech is about to be seriously restricted, as a Stasi-style fascist regime takes over the Federal government.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Syria (Aleppo) Psychic Prediction Update: What's Next? (Israel, NATO, U.S. Russia, Iran)

A recent report filed by the Epoch Times article dated September 25, 2016 ("Syrian Rebels Reverse Government Gains in Aleppo") verified my August 4, 2016 prediction that Aleppo will be a "hard nut" for Russia and its allies (Syria & the Kurds) to crack, and so here it is. 

Furthermore, I had pointed out that Turkey was the main supplier of deadly gas that has been used against Russian forces, and far worse, the poor civilians of Aleppo!  Since then, it has been revealed that Turkey has gone behind Russia's back, evidently in an effort to curtail the goals of the Kurds whose only desire is to establish, once and for all, their own state, Kurdistan, in the region.

As a reminder, here's what I predicted back in August (August 4, 2016):

I sincerely feel for the residents of Aleppo! They are in for a long stand-off against ISIS (Turkey, NATO, Israel, U.S.) forces, which will culminate with a very bloody battle as soon as February 2017.  Russia and Syria will eventually retreat from the area, deciding that any further efforts are a lost cause. This will lead the door wide open for ISIS and the Syrian rebels to push back into Syria in 2017, only to be nipped in the bud by 2018, thanks to Russia. Until then, it’s a waiting (and survival) game for the average Syrian on the ground. Their best bet would be to flee the area until after mid-year 2018.

Pictured Right: This iconic photograph of an Aleppo child following the bombing of the city by Israeli (U.S.)  and Turkish-backed (ISIS) gorillas, is just a taste of what Israel has planned for the Middle East (and America, too!)

Yet another validation of my prediction that the battle in Aleppo is fueled by the Israelis (not necessarily the Americans who tend to be puppets of many, and masters of nearly NONE these days) comes from the Syrian representative Jaafari who says that the "U.S. is not a genuine broker" of any kind of peace talks in the Middle East. (Who is the "genuine broker"? Israel!).

What's next for the Middle East, and in particular, Syria?  The Zionist Israelis and their puppets (most notably, Qatar and the European Nazis from France and Germany) certainly intend to keep up the bombings on innocent civilians in the city of Aleppo, which will force the Russians and Kurds out of the city, as predicted above.  

However, thanks to changes in the American government in 2017, the ongoing break-up of the European Union (Nazi-state), the rapid deterioration and imminent bankruptcy of Saudi Arabia, and the growing dominance of Iran in the entire region, the patient and clever Kurds (God's true "chosen people" in my opinion) are left with an unprecedented opportunity to negotiate a friendly arrangement with Israel which could lay the foundation for their own state in Syria, while also ending hostilities in Aleppo as soon as March 2017!

For more details, please watch for the next issue of The Star Prophet magazine.  Subscribe now for less than $3.99 per issue.

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump First Debate Predics: What's Next?

It's September 26, 2016 (6:10 a.m. EST), and millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting this evening's Presidential debate between crooked Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and flamboyant D.C. "outsider", Donald Trump (Republican).

More interesting than the candidates themselves are the lingering health issues of Clinton's, and her alleged advanced Parkinsons disease.  Will her head start bobbing (nodding) furiously under stress? Will her eyeballs stray in different directions? Will she shout at the camera in the strange, robotic manner that she displayed in a recent presentation to Union organizers? Or, will she simply collapse under the pressure?

Many inquiring minds want to know.

So what's next? If you recall my Youtube video, and various past predictions on this blog, I have predicted that Clinton would be out of the race by September, primarily due to her legal woes.  And, while I still see the Clinton's being dragged through the court system through 2017, it appears as if Hillary's health may throw the deadly blow that knocks her out of the race.

This evening's debate is a grueling 90 minutes long.  Expect to see Clinton dominate the first 20 minutes to a half an hour or so, as Trump, despite his bravado, is simply overwhelmed by the set-up. However, as the evening progresses, don't be surprised to see signs of Clnton's coughing and even light headedness rear their ugly heads.  

Overall, this first debate is going to be a nightmare for Clinton who is suffering from severe health problems that most certainly would prevent her from fulfilling her duties if elected President of the United States.  I would not be surprised if this isn't also her last debate, which would eliminate her from the race to the White House, even as soon as October 1st, as predicted!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Disease: Medical Doctor In-Depth Analysis of Events

I just visited with a young friend of mine who doesn't believe a thing that the alternative media has to say about Hillary Clinton's alleged battle with Parkinson's disease, and instead, relies solely on "The Daily Show" for her news.  Don't laugh! Many Americans get their propaganda...ahem... "news" from similar shows featured on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and all the other major media outlets in the United States.

"Wouldn't it be great if a medical expert outlined point by point exactly where he's getting this diagnosis?" she asked me.

Voila!  Here's one of many such experts who has come forward to detail why he believes all evidence points to Parkinsons disease for Hillary Clinton.  Check it out:

Want to know "What's Next?" for Hillary Clinton? Check out my many predictions, below.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Game Over for Hillary Clinton? Health Issues, Wikileaks Emails ...WHAT'S NEXT? Predictions

Here we are in the month of September, and U.S. Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton is literally on her "last legs."  In the video shown below, she is shown being lifted into a van just yesterday as she leaves the commemorative 9/11 ceremony early.  The excuse that her campaign issued to the press was that she has pneumonia, but of course, it is clear that this woman is seriously sick, and ill-qualified for the post of POTUS.

If you watched my Youtube quick-predic video that I posted earlier this year, you know that I predicted that September (this month!) was destined to be a game-changer for Mrs. Clinton.  And with the impending release by Wikileaks of over 100,000 emails that Julian Assange assures will indict Mrs. Clinton of undeniable wrong-doing, it looks as if it could be game over for this corrupt woman!

What's Next? Don't expect Clinton to throw in the towel just yet.  She's certain to appear in at least one of the upcoming televised debates with Republican rival Donald Trump, which runs the risk of ending in disaster for Clinton and the Democratic party.  And, while I think the Wikileaks release of incriminating evidence against Clinton holds the potential to be damaging to the campaign, it will largely be ignored by the lamestream U.S. media (but of course!), at least through the end of September.

However, by October, Clinton will find herself being pulled in a million different directions, putting out one fire after the next, leaving the world to wonder, "Will she make it to election day?"  Don't bet on it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

YEMEN Predictions: Don't F*ck with the Houthis (Iranian Loyalists?)

Yemen, the tiny country adjacent to Saudi Arabia situated along a critical oil and gas transport lane from the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden, is mired in civil war between the Houthis and the Yemeni government. 

Some blame Iran who has been skilfully locking down the Middle East through alliances with terrorist networks like ISIS (see my original prediction), to name just one of many terrorist organizations controlled by the clever and emboldened Persians. Others place the blame for Yemen's civil war squarely on the shoulders of the Saudis and their allies, including the United States, who have been ruthlessly bombing the civilians of the country.

Pictured: The Houthis have armed their women for civil war, shown here marching in a recent military parade.

No matter who is to blame for this civil war, there is one thing for sure--no one outside force controls the Houthis! The Houthis will not stop until they're assured of a prominent position of authority in the country's political hierarchy, which will shift to the control of Iran's Supreme Leader, beginning in 2018.

With this in mind, it's important to keep our eyes on recent Iranian attacks on U.S. Naval ships in the opposite side of the region, in yet another critical oil and gas transport route, The Straits of Hormuz which connects the Persian Gulf (Iran) to the rest of the world. These are provocations against the United States through and through, and will lead to a U.S. incursion into Iran in 2017. 

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Friday, August 26, 2016

America's Biggest Traitor: Worse than Hitler, This Man Betrayed the World!

The United States of America used to be a fantastic place. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of men and women became rich, and everyone else dreamed of it!  Immigrants from all over the world flocked here for a better life. It was a promise to every American that if you were creative, and worked hard, you too could live the American Dream.

Today that dream has vanished, leaving behind a Hand-Out State, with an ever-increasing population of people living below the poverty line, all at the hands of international oligarchs who have been feasting on the riches that our American ancestors worked so hard to create.

This shift from the Work-Hard to the Hand-Out culture came about as the result of one man, his friends and their minions. In this issue of The Star Prophet magazine (available in digital form), we identify the American man who started it all. And surprisingly, without him, it is likely that Hitler would never have risen through the ranks and in to power!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Update: Russia Demonstrates Dominance of Mediterranean Sea (As Predicted)

If you pay attention to these blog posts, you’ll notice that in addition to commenting on current events, I post a “what’s next?” aspect to nearly every one (my recent post featuring a Muslim woman peeing in an infidels juice being one exception).  And, as time wears on, the “what’s next” becomes the “as predicted.”  Here’s another one.

Back on November 8, 2015, I posted a piece on this blog titled “Ironic: Israelis Protest Netanyahu’s Deal with U.S. Gas Giant…Gas They Stole from Palestine”

In that post, I predicted that one of Russia’s aims in Syria was to establish their naval dominance in the Mediterranean sea. Their goal was/is to act as a sort of gate-keeper to the transport of natural gas that Israel was about to (if not already) extract from the (stolen) Leviathan Gas fields.  In particular, I wrote:

Israel's imperialistic aims are being subdued by the Russians who are establishing their military presence in Israel's immediate neighbor country, Syria.  In particular, Russia will maintain a full naval fleet off of Syria's coast, which sits adjacent to the (stolen) Israeli Leviathan gas fields off the cost of Israel/Palestine. This gives Russia, and its allies an opportunity to insert themselves in to the gas deal between Israel and Jordan. After all, how will all that natural gas be transported between these two countries without crossing Russian-controlled waters or land?
Pictured: Syrian president Bashar al-Assad shakes hands
with Vladimir Putin of Russia in July.

My prediction was recently confirmed correct by the New York Times and Breitbart as outlined in their recent piece:  The New York Times reports: Russia flexed its muscles again over Syria on Friday, for the first time launching cruise missiles at targets from warships in the Mediterranean Sea days after beginning bombing runs from a base in Iran.

 “Taken together, the new military moves appeared to be a demonstration that Russia has the ability to strike from virtually all directions in a region where it has been reasserting its power — from Iran, from warships in the Caspian Sea, from its base in the Syrian coastal province of Latakia and now from the Mediterranean.”

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to see Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu cozying up to Vladmir Putin who now has Israel by the purse strings via their control of natural gas transport. Note in particular that their meeting was held at the Kremlin and not in Israel, which was a pure power play on the part of the Russians.

“Israel and Russia agreed to strengthen their regional military cooperation, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin met face-to-face in the Kremlin on Tuesday.”

“The two leaders agreed to tighten their cooperation in the fight against terrorism and stressed the importance of ending regional violence such as in Syria. They also reiterated the importance of Israel ending its short-term conflict with Turkey and its long-standing one with the Palestinians.”

What’s Next?
For now, Russia has Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel “locked down” in the Middle East.  This is certain to frustrate the Israelis who have been able to manipulate the United States and the Saudis to do their dirty work all these years.  But, the Saudis have been nearly conquered by the Iranians and bled dry by Israel’s never-ending terrorism plots, and are just about out of oil and gas, too!  The United States is shifting its attention to China, and an American contingent even had the audacity to develop an energy agreement with the Iranians, Israel's mortal enemy.

The Americans are doing their best to lure the Russians in to conflict in Eastern Europe as a distraction, but this still won’t allow the U.S. to unseat the Russians in Syria, nor do they intend to do so at this time.

Instead, once the new American president assumes his/her position in 2017 (it really doesn’t matter whether it’s Clinton or Trump, the net result is the same), the United States will shift gears.  They’ll begin by making an agreement with the once-forgotten Israelis, forgetting about Syria, and going straight to the heart of matters by attacking Iran.  

Such a move would be a big indication that Israel is back in play in the Middle East.  As I wrote before, Iran is one of Israel’s biggest prizes and they are more than happy to use the United States Neoconservatives and our vast military as pawns to achieve their own aims of imperialism.

I originally wrote (and, still stand by this prediction): 
“While the Israelis claim that Iran is out to get them, it is Israel who is, in fact, out to steal from Iran the same types of resources they've stolen from the Palestinians, and then exterminate their people in the process.  The Israelis have no allegiance to the United States whatsoever, despite the "aid" that the U.S. has been steadily funneling to them over the years. The Israelis 'roll their eyes' and secretly mock the Americans for our gullibility.”

As I’ve noted before, this whole Middle Eastern game is all about imperialism. Whether you're Israeli, American, a Saudi, Iranian or Russian, control of energy is the key to your oligarchy's prosperity and protection against those who seek to destroy and control.

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In Case You Missed It: Muslim Chef Puts Urine in (Infidel) Juice! Ewww!

There's one thing that I really love about American restaurants and that is the level of trust that most of us have, especially in the established chains, that our food will be cooked safely and served sons urine!

Not so at this little "hole in the wall" located in some horrible corner of this wretched world. Watch as this Muslim chef puts urine in her customer's juice.  There's no mistaking it. She actually crouches slightly mid video, puts a cup under her garment and apparently pees right into it, dumping the contents quickly in to the cup of juice.

Not exactly a great promotional piece for the Muslim world, eh?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Psychic Prediction Update: DNC Insider Responsible for Email Leaks

On August 4, 2016, I made the following prediction in big, bold letters right here on this blog:

(Note: While Russian intelligence most certainly has the ability to hack the DNC servers as party officials claim, it was most likely a U.S. national DNC party insider who released their emails to Wikileaks, and the Clinton campaign knows it!)

A few days later, Julian Assange of Wikileaks implied that 27-year-old DNC staffer, Seth Rich, was the (or, one of the sources) responsible for leaking DNC emails that have been politically damaging to Hillary Clinton and the (corrupt) Democratic Party.
Pictured: Julian Assange of Wikileaks

Of course, the corrupt lamestream media has been pushing the Assange/Wikileaks revelations as a “conspiracy theory” which should be a big indication that Julian Assange is spewing nothing but truth.  And yes, Assange will make a big announcement around the September/October timeframe that he’s been calling his “October Surprise.”   And, it’s sure to send the Clinton campaign in to a tizzy!

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton Update: IRS to Investigate Clinton Foundation (Prediction Update)

In case you didn't notice, the Clintons' (Bill and Hillary's) legal problems aren't over by any stretch of the imagination.  Now, it seems that the IRS is launching an investigation in to The Clinton Foundation. Unfortunately, thanks to the rampant corruption in just about all echelons of American politics, the Clintons know exactly who to bribe to make such an inquiry disappear, and so it least for the time being.
Hillary Clinton continues to suffer
from seizures during public events. Her
side-kick, former President Bill
Clinton, is a trusty guide at all times, and
is ready to re-assume his position
as commander in chief despite his
own health problems.

If you think laundering money through the "slush fund" otherwise known as The Clinton Foundation is bad, know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, a bigger iceberg is waiting to put a stop to all the Clinton madness, and it may arrive just in time for the November 2016 presidential elections!

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War in Syria Update- Russia, NATO, Israel, Turkey & America (USA) (Psychic Predictions)

If you’re as interested in global events and politics as I am, the recent chemical attack in Syria didn’t slip by unnoticed, nor should it.  Aleppo is one of the last ISIS strongholds in Syria, and is a perfect example of how NATO and Israel (and, let's not forget, U.S. neocon traitors like McCain and Clinton) are attempting to unwind Russian dominance in the region.
Pictured: Nour Al-Din Al-Zenki is the rebel
group accused by the Russian military
of releasing chlorine gas on the residents
of Aleppo (Syria).

Back in June, I predicted (6/10/2016)

First of all, Russia and the Kurds will find Aleppo to be a "hard nut to crack." That is, they'll have a really hard time driving out ISIS forces, thanks to the fact that NATO by proxy of Israel has taken over control (and funding) of ISIS, and is determined to keep Aleppo as a major hub for their Syrian activities.  Watch for extended fighting in that area, at least through the end of the year (more updates to come).

Be sure to check out my original predictions for Turkey and also Ukraine and Eastern Europe there, too.

What’s Next?
First, it is important to note that I believe that the chlorine gas is coming from Turkey. This is a clear indication that Turkey is still backing ISIS, despite any kind of public proclamation that they aren’t. Furthermore, in light of this, Turkey’s efforts to reconcile with Russia should be taken with a grain of salt, at least until Erdogan is ousted.

I sincerely feel for the residents of Aleppo! They are in for a long stand-off against ISIS (Turkey, NATO, Israel, U.S.) forces, which will culminate with a very bloody battle as soon as February 2017.  Russia and Syria will eventually retreat from the area, deciding that any further efforts are a lost cause. This will lead the door wide open for ISIS and the Syrian rebels to push back into Syria in 2017, only to be nipped in the bud by 2018, thanks to Russia.  Until then, it’s a waiting (and survival) game for the average Syrian on the ground. Their best bet would be to flee the area until after mid-year 2018.

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Dear America: Take a Good Hard Look at the People who Will Nuke You!

(Pictured above: Democratic Presidential nominee,
Hillary Clinton continues to struggle with
seizures and loads of legal problems
over her private server).

For the last several years, I've been warning that the United States faces imminent danger in 2018, and in particular, that the Northeastern states will be "nuked" by Russia, thanks to foreign interests that will "goad" or "trick" them in to doing so.  And, if you're one of those naive fools who believe that Russia is just a big, bad evil empire intent on destroying the "pure and good" America (LOL!) think again. There is a plethora of evidence that indicates that they are doing everything in their power to prevent war, thanks to Vladmir Putin who is facing the globalists head on, in an attempt to block the fascist One World Order.

Instead, it's time for Americans to wake up and smell the roses, or so to speak. If you've watched the recent Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton was named the party's presidential nominee, you would have seen the real people who have and will have American blood on their hands. They're called the "neocons" or "neoconservatives" (a nice word for Nazis).  And, they're primed and ready to wage war on and even nuke Russia!

(Note: While Russian intelligence most certainly has the ability to hack the DNC servers as party officials claim, it was most likely a U.S. national DNC party insider who released their emails to Wikileaks, and the Clinton campaign knows it!)

While neoconservatism is typically associated with the Republican Party, they have apparently hijacked the Democratic Party, too, as evidenced by just about every speaker on the DNC floor.  But, this should really come as no surprise to those who have paid attention to the Clinton's close association with the unscrupulous "Republicans" who quietly ran the last Bush White House, after infiltrating the post-Bush Sr. (Bill) Clinton administration.

In the upcoming issue of The Star Prophet magazine, we'll lay out exactly where this group of neoconservatives began, along with America's (and the world's for that matter) biggest traitor behind the movement (you'll be surprised by this one!)  I'll also lay out the timeline and key events to watch for as we slowly edge towards 2018.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Psychic Predictions 2017: Preparing for Sacrifice/Crucifixion & the Second Coming of Christ

If you've read my many warnings about the year 2018, you'll know that 2017 is going to be a critical year of awakening.  Americans (and, clearly Europeans, too) are waking up to the fact that the global elite is corrupt and dangerous. Kudos to the Brits for kicking the very same psychopaths who concocted our two World Wars (in particular, WW2) and have re-emerged once again, prepared to do anything that they can to preserve their vision of a One World Government (more about this in the upcoming issue of The Star Prophet, September issue).

It's all part of a never-ending cycle of sacrifice, and this time, it will be Americans who will be
Pictured: "Crucifixion" by Andrea del Castagno
sacrificed in 2018.  

Here is the original introduction to the magazine's 2017 predictions below (click the image to enlarge).  To order the full issue, click here, or subscribe and receive the latest issue of the magazine.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Truth About British Prime Minister, Theresa May & Brexit

Following Great Britain’s recent vote to leave the European Union (otherwise known as the “Brexit”), David Cameron stepped down from his position as Prime Minister, and in stepped Theresa May to fill his shoes.
Pictured: Theresa May, Prime Minister of Great Britain

While some have described May as “solid, dependable, but a bit dull,” many have noted that her first few weeks in her new role have brought about a more confident persona.  She has certainly come out of her shell, but many are wondering whether her new-found confidence will last in the face of some of the real challenges facing her as the Brexit "unwinding" process continues.

The real question is whether May is on the side of the British people, or is merely another shill for the European elite.  Will she lead the charge to restore the sovereignty of the British people, or, will she sell them out for a high-paid, post PM position ala Tony Blair?

Is Theresa May the “real deal?”

May is most certainly the real deal in terms of her desire to support her political party, and in seeking to renegotiate relationships with other European countries. To start, she’s very optimistic about working hand in hand with France, but that relationship, and in particular, her negotiations with President Hollande of France will begin to fall apart in 2017, thanks in part to the impending Frexit.  Angela Merkel of Germany, wants nothing to do with the new Prime Minister, and I expect this relationship to be cold at best.

Keeping good relationships with her country’s nearest neighbors while honoring the Brits’ desire to remain out of the European Union is an unworkable proposition, despite May’s prowess and willingness to communicate and negotiate with other European nations. It is unworkable simply because the European Union is falling apart, and each member country has major problems of its own to manage. What’s worse, the EU is marching to war between its member countries, exacerbated by Brussels and American interests, and this will all lead to a weakened Europe by 2020.  

With all this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see May step down from her role as Prime Minister by 2019.

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