Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Psychic Prediction: What's Next for Russia/Turkey Tensions?

Turkey has shot down one of Russia's fighter jets that they claimed flew in to its airspace.  Russia president Putin made it clear in his follow-on comments to the press that Turkey is funding the Islamic State, is profiting from the sale that of stolen oil shipped into Turkey ISIS/ISIL (now called "DAESH"), and also provides military support to protect their illegal operations throughout Syria and the Middle East.

Putin is 100% correct.

So, what's next for Turkey?

As I predicted yesterday, NATO is already withdrawing overt support of Turkey, but will they continue to covertly finance ISIS/ISIL (as I also predicted) via Turkey?

NO! For now, the European covert ties with ISIS via Turkey have stopped, and that includes all financial and tactical support.  But, that will not stop the Europeans who desire complete control of the Middle East.  They will, instead, turn their attention to ISRAEL, who will be more than happy to pick up tactical support of the terrorists in their attempt to stop the growing influence of Russia, and by association, IRAN, in that region.

Meanwhile, Russia will manage to set up a clever and simple observation zone of the movements of ISIS-controlled oil in to Turkey. Without a transport route to customers willing to buy the oil, it leaves ISIS's activities high and dry. I would expect that rather than having to kill ISIS troops, Russia wills simply be able to orchestrate a peace treaty with them.

So, if the West is attempting to bleed Russia's military dry by forcing them in to hot war, they should think again. Russia's not dumb enough to be trapped in to it, and their military intelligence-gathering capabilities, and strong strategic leadership will allow brains to win out over brawn.

The only lingering danger is Israel who is concocting their own plans to take-over the Middle East.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Prediction Comes Through: Erdogan Proves His Tight Ties to ISIS by Downing Russian Plane

As I predicted, it is Turkey's ERDOGAN who is one of the primary go-to guys for ISIS, accepting money from foreign entities to arm this Dark Army, has downed a Russian fighter jet flying in Syrian territory.  Two pilots were ejected, one of which was captured (apparently killed in the fall) by ISIS (a.k.a. "The Rebels").

Why would Erdogan conduct such a reckless mission?

First, Russia has clearly taken over control of ISIS in much of Syria, capturing both the loyalty of these feckless fools, as well as their weaponry.  Still, Russia has not managed to seize the stolen assets, but has managed to shut down the flow of money that funds Erdogan's lavish lifestyle.

"It's a way for Erdogan to bring NATO to the table," claims noted international journalist Pepe Escobar (Source: Russia Today, 11/24/15).  But, such efforts will backfire on Erdogan as NATO takes several steps back from this fool, clearly not willing to wage a larger war which would most certainly result in such an action.

Erdogan's days are numbered.  It is clear that Erdogan has to go, lest the Middle East erupt in to a huge confrontation between the IMF-controlled West, and he is surrounded by those who would happily pull the trigger...not just Russia. However, it will take a few more months for this to be orchestrated--my estimate is February 2016.

And, good riddance, too, especially for Turkey's neighbor, Iran, who will happily place their own loyal puppet in control of the country, in the very same manner that they will lock down Saudi Arabia (see my previous predicts concerning the fall of the House of Saud).