Saturday, November 21, 2015

IRONIC: ISIS Leader is a Homosexual (Erdogan, Turkey, Radical Islam)

Okay, so the irony of my early morning post about Turkey’s Erdogan and his role in coordinating ISIS escapades throughout the Middle East and Europe hit me while I was running errands a couple hours after I clicked ‘submit’.  I’m a little slow with these things, but better late than never, I guess.

That’s right, the key go-to guy for the European/Global elite who have been funneling money into ISIS to fulfill their hegemonic desires through Islamic State-sponsored terrorism, go to none other than a closeted homosexual!

(Earlier today, I wrote)
“What drives Erdogan?  Money, plain and simple. He’s an opportunist who has a penchant for jewelry, fine clothes, homes and cars.  He cares nothing about his own people who worship the ground he walks on, as if he were ‘god’. He has no interest in “the ladies” as we say here in the West, but instead, prefers the company of at least one of his regular boys.”

I'm an American, and like many Americans, I don’t really have anything against the gay/lesbian community. I’ve had many gay friends over the years, and I only want them to have what makes them truly happy.  But, what I do have an issue with is a narcissistic psychopath like Erdogan facilitating the reign of terror ISIS/ISIL has brought up on the world's Christians, Muslims, and yes, his fellow gays, too.

Now, on a lighter note, I couldn't help but wonder who Erdogan fantasizes about when he's alone at night?

His loving wife?


A dark, swarthy, Arabian night?

Hmmmmm....maybe, but not quite...

Scroll down to see Erdogan's 'ideal man' (and no, I'm not joking!)

(Photo) Women around the world fantasize over actor/director Dolph Lundgren, famous for his co-starring role in one of the Rocky sequels alongside Sly Stalone….and so does Turkey’s dear leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

ISIS for Hire: Who You Gonna Call? TURKEY!

Anyone who understands False Flags, can spot one a mile away, and these days, they are common occurrences, popping up prior to important events such as ELECTIONS, wars, and such.

It’s no surprise that a major terrorism attack occurred in Paris on the heels of the upcoming elections where major platforms such as anti-immigration, and the removal of Assad in Syria have split votes.  France’s population, like America’s are sick and tired of war, and empathetic to the plight of refugees from war torn regions like Syria and Libya, to name a few.  But, I'm willing to guess that these opinions have changed following the most recent round of terrorism.

An (alleged) ISIS terrorist attack is the perfect solution for unifying a population behind the global elite’s agenda to derail the advancement of the BRICs nations, especially Russia who, along with China, has over the years, repeated stated their goal to create a uni-polar world that would stop the New World Order dead in its tracks.  And, its easy to stage, too, especially with friends in high places who are happy to help out!

From the very beginning of the emergence of ISIS on the Islamic scene, many claimed that it was the ‘evil’ United States who was behind them. But, that is not so, and I’ve asserted this opinion on various Youtube VLOG sites over the last few months. Instead, I predicted that it was IRAN who had actually infiltrated ISIS from the beginning, and had gained some control “at least for now.”  This control is political, and not necessarily financial, even though someone is using ISIS to steal oil and gas from the Middle East and profit from it.  But, at the time, I did not realize that I had missed one key player in all of this.

In light of the recent Paris attacks, it became clear to me that someone else was controlling and profiting from ISIS in more ways than just oil/gas theft. This entity would have to be someone with a high profile in politics, with plenty of access to money and influence to fund the leaders that run the ISIS/ISIL show.

This someone is Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

What drives Erdogan?  Money, plain and simple. He’s an opportunist who has a penchant for jewelry, fine clothes, homes and cars.  He cares nothing about his own people who worship the ground he walks on, as if he were ‘god’. He has no interest in “the ladies” as we say here in the West, but instead, prefers the company of at least one of his regular boys.  He has no real allegiance to Iran or even the United States—a country that he considers to be a ‘major headache’—but is very eager to please his European backers from Germany, France and Great Britain.

Pictured: Turkey’s president Erdogan and Iran’s Rouhani.

Where does Iran come in to all of this? Turkey and Iran have trade partnerships in place, and have agreed, in years past, to share intelligence.  However, they still disagree about Assad in Syria, with Iran supporting his presidency, while Turkey follows the lead of his European masters in demanding that he step down.  Still, Iran is eager to please its neighbor to the west (Turkey) especially when it comes to trading, but will stand its ground when its comes to keeping Assad in place.

Turkey’s other neighbor, Russia, isn’t so flexible. Russia is standing its ground against Turkey and the effeminate Erdogan, and has even seized control over ISIS forces in Syria. It will only be at the request of Iran that Russia releases their control over ISIS in that region, allowing the remaining ISIS forces to retreat. I believe that these individuals will be absorbed in to Iran’s secret forces, and not back in to Turkey’s.

Meanwhile, the United States’ control, and even basic intelligence about ISIS is just a confused mess, to put it in plain and simple terms.  Nonetheless, this will not stop U.S. insiders from using the general fear of ISIS to orchestrate their own false flag event in April 2016, in my estimate.

Friday, November 20, 2015

SNEAK PEAK! Psychic Predictions 2016: Stock Market Crash, Gold Price & More!

In my predictions for 2015, I claimed that 2015 would be one of the last good years for the U.S. economy, with some new record highs in the stock market. Sure enough, thanks to plenty of fake ‘high frequency trading,’ corporate stock buybacks to create an artificially high stock market, and low gas prices for the rest of us, the economy managed to remain stable for yet another year.

But, 2016 is another story.

Stock Market “Black Swan” Event:
Just about anyone who is in the know in the world of finance has predicted a stock market “Black Swan” event will eventually strike the stock market down in a dramatic fashion. For example, Harry Dent has, for the last couple of years, predicted that in 2016, the stock market will suddenly plunge to as low as 6,000.

Sure enough, this event if FINALLY upon us in 2016, and I would predict this to occur in the February time frame (with some hints of it as soon as January!) And, while I agree with Dent’s timing, I would estimate the drop to be to the 8.000 range (not 6,000 as he’s predicted.

So, if you are heavily invested in stocks, now’s the time to sell your long positions to avoid catastrophic losses. Instead, consider going ‘short’ on some of the stocks that experts consider ‘overvalued’…and these are certainly abundant in light of the propping up of the market with high frequency trading and stock buy-backs.

Gold Price
If you think that gold prices will FINALLY surge to expected levels following the early 2016 stock market debacle, think again. The price is currently manipulated, and will continue to be manipulated as long as the ‘forces that be’ can contain it. But, by the 3rd and 4th quarters (especially near the end of 2016) we’ll begin to see the price of gold break free!  The year 2017 is the best year for gold, so no worries if you cannot accumulate in 2016.

Coming soon: More predictions for 2016, including false flag terrorism events, the price of Bitcoin, loss of civil liberties in the U.S., the European Elite/NATO & Russia, ISIS & more!

To read more predictions for the years ahead, be sure to follow this blog and subscribe to our new digital magazine, The Star Prophet.

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Greek Riots: The Last Gasps of the European Union As We Know It

As predicted, the Greek riots are in full swing, so pay attention.  This is democracy in action, and who better to demonstrate it to a lazy American public than the Greeks whose ancestors invented it!

Will America see similar riots?

Don't hold your breath!  Americans are too fat and lazy to pay attention to the impending European take-over of our country, economy & currency, and the burgeoning police state will have everything under control in 2016.  

By 2017, Americans will feel as if they're getting yet a FREE HANDOUT, this time it will be sponsored by their new 'keepers', the European Elite.  This will leave many unwitting Americans feeling safe and secure, and few will recognize the same pattern currently being played out in Greece.

Americans won't have much time to think about the implications of the loss of their sovereignty to the European Elite, and eventual demise of its economy "Greek Style", as 2018 will bring forth one of the worst global catastrophes since Hiroshima, and this time, right on American soil.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

American False Flag in April 2016 Will Further Gun Control Agenda...& You'll Support It!

Back on March 1, 2014, I predicted that extreme gun control measures (confiscation, etc.) would be hoisted upon the American public in 2016.

I wrote:

 “Get ready, folks, things are about to change with the entrance of a brand new U.S. president in 2016! If you're a pro-Constitutional Rights American, you're in for a rude awakening when gun ownership is seriously curtailed (and, made illegal in most parts of the United States). Interestingly, it won't be Feinstein who leads the charge, but rather, it will be yet another shill from a European-controlled enterprise, like the IMF. This person is likely to be a tall, leaner male politician from the Midwest (Chicago?).”

While such prophecy seemed far-fetched at the time, the recent Paris attacks should most certainly be a signal to any astute observer of the obvious that the 'powers that be' are planning an attack on U.S. soil to further their own agendas here.

(Photo Source: Daily Sabah) CIA Director, and shill for the European Elite, has warned that the Paris attack is NOT a "one-off event".  But, he should know as much of his budget is spent funding ISIS (or, DAESCH, as they're now calling them!)

So, brace yourself for your worst nightmares in 2016.  Expect to see a major push by the European Elite to reclaim ownership of the United States with European style gun laws, a clear and present Police State, and a carefully-managed roll-out of higher taxes hidden in a new currency system that is controlled by none other than the very same bloodline that controlled our country prior to the American Revolution.


Monday, November 16, 2015

ISIS: Your Own Private Terrorist Group (for Hire)

In a very recent post (yesterday), I claimed that the alleged ISIS attack in Paris was actually an ‘inside job’…orchestrated by key individuals interested in furthering their own political and commercial interests.

Furthermore, I pointed out that both the Russian and French attacks in Syria were not targeted at so-called ISIS targets.

In a press conference today, President Vladimir Putin came forward and clarified just how the loosely organized ISIS has managed to function.

“I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them,” Putin said.

If you look back at previous posts of mine, I mentioned that Iran had managed to infiltrate the organization in the Middle East, “for now,” using them as deep cover for their own operations in various regions there.

And now, it’s fair to say that it is highly likely that some ISIS flunkies were goaded in to carrying out their horrendous acts of terrorism in Paris, only to be promptly snuffed out by secret forces in the country to cover their trail. As one would expect, other ‘suspects’ have been rounded up and will most likely be sentenced without due process, to further convince the public that this hoax, was no hoax.

France Launches “FREE” Attacks on on “ISIS Strongholds” in Syria. No French or U.S. Taxpayer Affected! (LOL!)

France has apparently taken it up the @ss from IMF/NATO war-driven coalition, intent on boosting the Petrodollar with more government debt via arms sales.

In particular, following the latest false flag attack in Paris, which killed and injured SCORES of trusting, tax-paying, French citizens who would no more question the allegiance of their own government to their own national interests than question that the sun rises and sets each and every day, have joined in with support for the latest Iraqi-style war in the Middle East.

But, the French military have proven themselves to be completely impotent in all matters that serve humanity’s best interest, opting instead, to honor aspiring politicians’ promises to the ECB, IMF, and American interests, to boost arms sales, starting with joining in the so-called ‘war’ against the illusory ISIS.

France’s recent bombings in Syria (30 expensive bombs dropped, with 28 of them actually hitting ISIS (read: “civilian”) targets.  ISIS has claimed no casualities, while the international media has claimed “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” (read: Ummmm…where did the Boogeyman go?!)

“But French bombs may have killed few of the militants. The Islamist terror group has withdrawn from its sites in anticipation of the retaliation, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently said. Streets have been empty, markets less crowded.

No civilian casualties have been reported, the activist group said, and the civilian population does not seem particularly worried.

The activists said there have been ISIS casualties but could not say how many.

An ISIS media wing has said there were no casualties Sunday.”

In light of Frances impotent ‘attack’ on ISIS, we are left to wonder, “WTF?!”

I mean, c’mon!  These types of air raids are ridiculously expensive, and, according to some reports, have been guided by closely held American intelligence.  So, once again, we must ask… “WTF?!”

If you read my last post about the Russian targets strikes in Syria as reported by The Washington Post, you’ll see that Russia, too, has been avoiding (alleged) ISIS targets, focusing instead on Saudi-backed al Quaeda (al Nusra) targets, who are, in my estimation, backed by the Israelis (and, by association, the likes of the British Royal Family/Dutch Royal Family/NATO).

Yes, it is true that Russia is inserting itself in Syria to protect is “assets”. The Saudis are trying to disrupt the flow of oil/gas from Russia/Iran to line their own pockets as their natural resources slowly run dry, and the Israeli/American coalition simply want to ensure that the natural gas they stole from the Palestinians by…ahem…EXTERMINATING THEM… gets to Jordan so that they can collect their multi-billion dollar paycheck.

When, oh when, will people catch on to this modern day Game of Thrones?